07 necessary accounting skills to become the best Chief Accountant

07 necessary accounting skills to become the best Chief Accountant

Chief Accountant/Accounting Officer, General Accountant are desirable positions not only for young graduates but also for "veterans" in the accounting profession. What skills do you need to have to get this position?

1.      High professional capacity

These are quite high requirements in businesses, banks, or financial institutions, so the first thing you need to have is high professional capacity. Through the process of studying and later accumulating work, you must have knowledge, experience, ability to prepare and present accounting reports, statistical ability, financial analysis, ability to Ability to prepare and analyze accounting reports as well as corporate financial management...

2.      Understand the law

That is natural and a very important factor, because legal compliance risks greatly affect accounting work and the destiny of businesses. Therefore, you must know how to look up and apply good laws such as: Enterprise Law, Commercial Law; Laws on taxes, land, bills, labor, insurance, and securities. You should take the time to read articles sharing experiences, skills, and knowledge about Finance, Accounting, Taxation, new Documents and Policies.

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3.      Proficient in computers, text editing and English

These are two golden keys to every profession, not just accounting. To achieve high positions in the accounting profession as above, you need to satisfy these two conditions. You must be proficient in office computer software, especially Excel for calculating and analyzing data, Word, and good text editing skills because at work you often have to compose documents for presentation. Lead or send to outside, good use of specialized accounting software. Your English must also be sufficient to be able to communicate with foreign partners or company members, read documents, and write financial and accounting reports.

4.      Good thinking ability

Especially mathematical thinking and logical thinking because accounting is a job that always requires contact with numbers, tables and complex calculations.

5.      Careful and honest

Because an accountant's job is to handle numbers related to money, just one mistake can cause unpredictable consequences for your business. Therefore, when working, you must always repeat in your mind the slogan: "Be careful! Careful! Careful!". Be careful from the calculation steps to small details such as writing clear, easy-to-read numbers. The "dot" and "comma" are interchanged in a number, meaning its value has changed a lot. But the consequences of carelessness are not as serious as the consequences of intentionally doing wrong to seek personal benefits. Of course, while working, if it's always 1+1=2, you're not necessarily considered a "COMPETENT" Chief Accountant. Please handle it skillfully based on the regulations and grounds. Legal... it's an art :). But first, to be able to develop in the accounting profession, you must be a very honest person.

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6.      Withstand high work pressure, know how to manage time

The jobs of chief accountant, financial accountant, and general accountant are jobs that are always hands-on and mind-blowing, especially near the end of the month or year, when the company has to summarize revenue, expenditure, and salaries for employees. employees... the more they have to run to keep up with their work. Therefore, you must have good health and spirit to be able to pursue this job. Besides, you must know how to arrange your time properly so that you can complete the work on schedule without wasting too much energy and without wasting useless time.

7.      Ability to communicate and behave tactfully

Having this ability will make it easier for you to get along with everyone in the company, be able to cooperate well with members of your department, create sympathy and possibly convince business partners. joint. This skill will help you go further on your career path./.

Hopefully the article Essential Skills for a Chief Accountant has provided you with useful information, helping you reflect on yourself in order to practice the necessary skills and strive to become an Accountant. Good math leader.

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