Auditing services in Hanoi

AACS Auditing Company provided Auditing services in Hanoi for state-owned enterprises, FDI enterprises and many other private enterprises in Hanoi. AACS is committed to providing your units with quality audit services, affordable audit service fees and schedules suitable to the needs of each unit.

Auditing Services in Hanoi provided by AACS Auditing Services Company, suitable for many units and businesses. Because Auditing services in Hanoi Designed specifically and suitable for each business and different organizations.

Introduction to audit services in Hanoi of AACS Auditing Company

Auditing is considered a responsible unit to evaluate the accuracy of data and information in a business's reports and to provide audit opinions.

Auditing in Hanoi is one of the services that many businesses in Hanoi choose to use the services of AACS Auditing Company. This audit work requires direct participation, witnessing the implementation of inventory, checking assets, statement accounts, loan credits, investments... to ensure that the data is authentic and accurate. best reflects the current state of the business.

Auditing is the work that other units participate in to confirm the truthfulness of reports and data on the financial business situation of companies and enterprises. Auditing is like a supervisory inspection, assessing the credibility of the results. Supplier Auditing services in Hanoi Participate in the most objective way to increase the trust of external units in the business.

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Auditing service company AACS provides auditing services not only in Hanoi but also nationwide, bringing many benefits to businesses and various stakeholders.

Auditing services in Hanoi are provided by AACS Company

Audited financial statements

Audited financial statements for tax purposes and tax settlement services

Review information on financial reports and settlement reports of construction projects in Hanoi

Auditing Services Corporate financial reporting according to state regulations;

Auditing Services on revenue and expenditure activities of companies and businesses in Hanoi;

Review the internal control system

– Prepare reports for merger, split, dissolution, etc.

Audit implementation process of AACS Company 

Step 1: AACS will receive information about audit needs and problems of businesses in Hanoi. AACS then conducted a survey and discussed with the unit in Hanoi to come up with a quote and sign an Audit contract.

Step 2: Before conducting the Audit at the unit in Binh Duong, we will send you the Audit plan and documents needed to provide for both parties to coordinate implementation. At the same time, AACS's auditor department will begin processing information received from accounting based on the records provided by the unit.

Step 3: Auditors participating in witnessing the inventory of assets such as cash, inventory, fixed assets... in the following forms will be able to directly participate in witnessing the inventory. For loans and debts, AACS will send a letter confirming the debt or can verify it on records, documents, invoices, and vouchers to collect evidence.

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Step 4: AACS's audit department will base on the data received from the company's accounting department and reality to review, check, compare, analyze and make assessments in accordance with the requirements. regulations of accounting standards, accounting laws, tax laws and other relevant legal regulations.

Step 5: When detecting problems or discrepancies, AACS Auditors will synthesize and discuss with the Accounting Department or business executive board to resolve problems with the business and provide useful advice. for businesses in Binh Duong

Step 6: Unify data, release draft report and issue official Audit Report.

When using Auditing services in Hanoi of AACS, customers can be completely assured about the meticulousness, care and accuracy, and at the same time build absolute trust in their services.

Benefits of using AACS audit services in Hanoi?

Auditing services in Hanoi Helps businesses save maximum costs

– Price list Auditing services in Hanoi of AACS is built very closely based on the number of actual documents through direct surveys at businesses. That's why the cost auditing services that customers must pay that best suits the reality of their business.

– AACS's team of auditors perform operations quickly and accurately, ensuring progress and time according to the signed contract.

- Selection of Auditing services in Hanoi of AACS is to bring convenience, optimization, and savings in both cost and time to your business.

Auditing services in Hanoi Always update the latest laws

All activities and operations Auditing in Hanoi of AACS are strictly implemented in accordance with the provisions of law. In addition, the team of auditors has strong professional capacity and expertise, ensuring accuracy in planning.

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Why should you choose AACS audit services in Hanoi?

– Quickly, accurately, according to procedures and according to the provisions of law.

– AACS commits to implement fully and on time according to the content agreed in the contract with the enterprise.

– Prepare and send reports on time as requested by customers

– Enthusiastic and comprehensive consulting on management issues and risk identification

AACS's audit services in Hanoi are customer-focused

With the operating principle: customer satisfaction is pride, AACS always strives to perform quickly, accurately and with the most care. We are fully responsible for what we do before the state tax agency, so your business can feel completely secure when entrusting it to us.

Auditor performs Auditing services in Hanoi AACS always continuously trains, improves professional qualifications as well as updates employees with the latest knowledge. Auditors at AACS are always updated with the latest legal documents to apply during their work. This is necessary to ensure accuracy and timeliness when planning economic operations arising in financial statements or audit reports, and in accordance with the latest changes in the law. throughout the supply process auditing services report.

AACS's team of auditors is ready to work with customers to solve problems during the implementation process Auditing in Hanoi and ensure compliance with the law. Customers can contact us using the information below to receive the clearest advice appropriate to the current status of your business.



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