Auditing service company in Hai Duong

Auditing services in Hai Duong helping businesses in the Hai Duong area to be transparent in business activities. Increases trust and credibility of businesses through financial reports.

Auditing in Hai Duong is becoming increasingly important in the economic situation towards openness and transparency. This poses many challenges for investors and businesses in this locality. Auditing services in Hai Duong AACS will help businesses make reports in accordance with legal regulations, ensuring credibility and trust.

Introduction to audit services in Hai Duong provided by AACS

Auditing services in Hai Duong Helps businesses here feel completely secure about their financial reporting results. Auditing services in Hai Duong Provided by AACS Auditing Company to help you understand the business situation in the most accurate way.

Auditing services in Hai Duong 2020 has a boom due to economic development and accompanying expansion of business services. Therefore, AACS Auditing Company is the top choice for Auditing services in Hai Duong. Because AACS can be said to be one of the leading suppliers auditing services, helping businesses solve human resource problems and provide the perfect economic solution for you.

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AACS Company's audit process is specifically as follows:

– Survey: AACS will conduct the first survey directly at the enterprise. Based on actual survey data and documents to get a basis for agreeing on a contract, making a detailed working plan with the board of directors and the human resources department of the enterprise.

– Implementation: AACS will work directly with the business according to the plan outlined at the survey and implement it according to the content of the contract. auditing services has been approved.

– Research and evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of the enterprise's internal control system, in addition to learning about the accounting, tax, financial systems, etc.

– Contribute to witness the inventory of cash, assets, and inventory at the time of the audit report and compare with the terms on the corresponding financial statements.

– Review, advise and provide answers on factors affecting tax liability, discuss with personnel in charge of issues discovered during work, and advise on appropriate options. physical.

– Submit a summary of issues discovered during the audit and a draft audit report.

– Agree on accounting data and issue an official audit report for the business

When using Auditing services in Hai Duong of AACS, customers can be completely assured about the meticulousness, care and accuracy, and at the same time build absolute trust in their services.

Benefits of using audit services in Hai Duong of AACS

In addition to high professional capacity, auditing services AACS also greatly supports business operations:


–  Ensure legal compliance

Owning a business, you are always the one responsible for the company, especially the finances. If even a small mistake occurs, regardless of whether it is accidental or intentional, businesses can be heavily fined, wasting money in vain.

To keep that from happening, choose a safer method. Find it auditing services is the simplest way. At auditing companies, all employees are well-trained, undergo many professional audits and have practice certificates. Therefore, it is natural that the auditing work is performed better.

–  Eliminate errors in accounting

In process audit, under the keen eyes of professional auditors, any accounting errors will be eliminated.

Accounting errors can be accidentally made by a business's accountant. But what's worse is that they intentionally did it wrong! In that case, using a reputable accounting service will help businesses limit losses.

At the same time, when there is a "master" supervising, the enterprise's accounting staff cannot violate the regulations anymore. That is also a measure to improve the professional ethics of the staff and foster the spirit of compliance with common policies.

–  Increase business performance

Financial reporting is always a headache for businesses. Use auditing services This means having a trustworthy person in charge. Businesses can rest assured to focus on their operating strategies, thereby achieving the results as planned.

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Even if a business already has an audit department, hiring auditing services is also extremely necessary. With reduced pressure, the internal audit department will operate more effectively, save costs, and contribute to maximizing profits.

–  Helps businesses make accurate economic forecasts

Besides professional activities, auditing services It also helps predict risks that may come to the company in the following years, detect financial gaps, and protect against tax risks.

On the basis of forecasts of auditing services, businesses will take timely response measures to maintain stable growth.

Z1993178621253 869f22798b3241ce33e052b2b372cd23 1AACS Company provides audit service packages in Hai Duong

Audited financial statements

– Auditing investment capital settlement reports

Basic construction audit

- Compliance audit

Auditing financial statements for tax purposes 

Internal audit

Reasons to choose audit services in Hai Duong of AACS

– Quickly, accurately, according to procedures and according to the provisions of law.

– AACS commits to implement fully and on time according to the content agreed in the contract with the enterprise.

– Prepare and send reports on time as requested by customers

– Enthusiastic and comprehensive consulting on management issues and risk identification.

Please contact immediately Auditing services in Hai Duong of AACS for detailed audit and consulting service quotes. AACS is always ready to support your business and unit.


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