Internal audit services in Ho Chi Minh City and for businesses nationwide 

The importance of internal audit

Internal audit is not only to check financial reports but also participate in the financial control process, evaluating the effectiveness and compliance of all activities to minimize errors and fraud.


Internal audit will solve difficult problems in the most comprehensive and thorough way. With a team of reputable experts, knowledgeable in business fields, AACS Company Committed to bringing the highest efficiency to customers in Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide

Internal audit services solve important business issues:

Realizing that importance, in Ho Chi Minh City AACS Company Providing internal audit services for businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide related to:

  • Corporate governance and quality review in financial reporting.
  • Identifying and preventing risks is to strengthen the strength of the management system.
  • Check whether the business's operations ensure compliance with the law and regulations set forth by the company.
  • Capital shareholders want to check the Company's operations

Service provision process Internal audit in Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide of AACS Company including:

1. Actual survey

Customer survey, risk assessment, audit planning

2. General assessment of factors

Control environment, risk assessment process and monitoring of control activities;

3. Check legal compliance.

4. Perform checks on processes and operations to detect errors and fraud and provide assessments and solutions on the effectiveness of the internal control system:

  • Internal audit services on salaries and other payables;
  • Internal internal audit services for fixed assets and capital construction;
  • Internal audit services for purchases and sales;
  • Internal audit services on receivables and payables
  • Internal audit services on inventory and prices;

5. Audit items in financial statements;

6. Review tax risks in the business;

7. Discuss and resolve existing business problems;

8. Issuing internal audit reports.

Benefits when used Internal audit service of AACS Company

Get a team of experienced experts who have worked with many large and small companies in Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide in many different industries to advise on the internal control system for your company.


Provide detailed assessment reports on risks in the company's management and operating system.

Provide the best judgments and solutions to fix problems, as well as plans to prevent risks in the company's management and operating system.

Ensure comprehensive consulting and all internal management issues inside and outside the company.


Internal audit service in Ho Chi Minh City

Internal audit service At Hanoi

National internal audit service


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