Introducing audit services of AACS Auditing Company

Auditing services in Long An  Provided by AACS Auditing Company to help you understand the business situation in the most accurate way. With the goal of becoming a leading unit in the field of supply auditing services, AACS has been trusted by customers and chosen to accompany them throughout their journeys.

AACS builds its goals and develops strongly based on a core team of dedicated and enthusiastic leaders. In addition, with a large, qualified, professional, dynamic and dedicated team of auditors, AACS Auditing Company confidently asserts the quality of its services on the market. market.

Auditing services in Long An of AACS Company

Auditing services in Long An  Helps businesses here feel completely secure about their financial reporting results. Auditing services in Long An  Provided by AACS Auditing Company to help you understand the business situation in the most accurate way.

Auditing services in Long An 2020 has a boom due to economic development and accompanying expansion of business services. Therefore, AACS Auditing Company is the top choice for Auditing services in Long An. Because AACS can be said to be one of the leading suppliers auditing services, helping businesses solve human resource problems and provide the perfect economic solution for you.

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Process of implementing audit services in Long An of AACS Company

– Survey: AACS will conduct the first survey directly at the enterprise. Based on actual survey data and documents to get a basis for agreeing on a contract, making a detailed working plan with the board of directors and the human resources department of the enterprise.

– Implementation: AACS will work directly with the business according to the plan outlined at the survey and implement it according to the content of the contract. Auditing services in Long An has been approved.

– Research and evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of the enterprise's internal control system, in addition to learning about the accounting, tax, financial systems, etc.

– Contribute to witness the inventory of cash, assets, and inventory at the time of the audit report and compare with the terms on the corresponding financial statements.

– Review, advise and provide answers on factors affecting tax liability, discuss with personnel in charge of issues discovered during work, and advise on appropriate options. physical.

– Submit a summary of issues discovered during the audit and a draft audit report.

– Agree on accounting data and issue an official audit report for the business

When using Auditing services in Long An of AACS, customers can be completely assured about the meticulousness, care and accuracy, and at the same time build absolute trust in their services.

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Auditing services in Long An of AACS Company

Benefits of using audit services in Long An of AACS?

Auditing services in Long An Helps businesses save maximum costs

– Price list Auditing services in Long An of AACS is built very closely based on the number of actual documents through direct surveys at businesses. That's why the cost auditing services that customers must pay that best suits the reality of their business.

– AACS's team of auditors perform operations quickly and accurately, ensuring progress and time according to the signed contract.

- Selection of Auditing services in Long An of AACS is to bring convenience, optimization, and savings in both cost and time to your business.

Auditing services in Long An Always update the latest laws

All activities and operations Auditing in Long An of AACS are strictly implemented in accordance with the provisions of law. In addition, the team of auditors has strong professional capacity and expertise, ensuring accuracy in planning.

Auditing services in Long An are provided by AACS Company

Audited financial statements

Audited financial statements for tax purposes and tax settlement services

Auditing project settlement reports

Review the internal control system

– Review financial information

– Prepare reports for merger, split, dissolution, etc.

Why should you choose AACS' auditing services in Long An?

– Quickly, accurately, according to procedures and according to the provisions of law.

– AACS commits to implement fully and on time according to the content agreed in the contract with the enterprise.

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– Prepare and send reports on time as requested by customers

– Enthusiastic and comprehensive consulting on management issues and risk identification

AACS' audit services in Long An are customer-focused

With the operating principle: customer satisfaction is pride, AACS always strives to perform quickly, accurately and with the most care. We are fully responsible for what we do before the state tax agency, so your business can feel completely secure when entrusting it to us.

Auditor performs Auditing service in Long An AACS always continuously trains, improves professional qualifications as well as updates employees with the latest knowledge. Auditors at AACS are always updated with the latest legal documents to apply during their work. This is necessary to ensure accuracy and timeliness when planning economic operations arising in financial statements or audit reports, and in accordance with the latest changes in the law. throughout the supply process auditing services report

AACS's team of auditors is ready to work with customers to solve problems during the implementation process Auditing in Long An and ensure compliance with the law. Customers can contact us using the information below to receive the clearest advice appropriate to the current status of your business.


Phone: 028 66 500 381 – Mobi: 0908 381 550 (Mr Manh) – Mobi: 0908 688 550 (Ms Phuong)


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