FAQCategory: CPA CertificateIs the cpa exam difficult?
Founda media asked 3 months ago
I am a corporate accountant in the province, I want to ask if the CPA exam is difficult?
1 Answers
LOVE NGUYEN THI answered 4 years ago

Candidates taking the Accounting Practicing Certificate exam take the following 4 subjects:
-Economic law and enterprise law;
-Finance and advanced financial management;
-Advanced tax and tax management;
-Financial accounting, advanced management accounting.
The content of each exam subject includes both theory and application to situational exercises specified in Appendix No. 01 of this Circular. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for drafting, updating and publicizing the content, study materials, and exam preparation for the Auditor Certificate and Accounting Practicing Certificate.
You can review by yourself or go to reputable centers to review for the exam. If you have mastered the basic knowledge, just study hard and practice a lot, your chances of passing will be very high.