FAQCategory: CPA CertificateWhat is cpa certificate for?
Founda media asked 3 months ago
What is a cpa certificate for? I am a first year student majoring in accounting
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LOVE NGUYEN THI answered 4 years ago

CPA is the acronym for Certified Public Accountants, which means licensed public accountants. Understandably, accounting and auditing practitioners are recognized by international or domestic professional associations.
- Vietnam CPA certificate is a practicing certificate. Only when you possess a Vietnamese CPA certificate (also known as an auditor certificate) will you become an auditor, and before that you will be called an assistant auditor. Only auditors have the right to conduct audits and sign audit reports in Vietnam.
- And in business lines, the industry that requires an accounting practice certificate is accounting service business. This is a condition for registering to practice accounting. People with this certificate can practice and can register to establish a business providing accounting services or establish an accounting practice office. CPA aims to manage the activities of individuals practicing accounting and auditing in Vietnam.