FAQCategory: CPA CertificateWhat is cpa score?
Founda media asked 3 months ago
Hello consultants, may I ask what is cpa score? Thank you AACS consultants
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LOVE NGUYEN THI answered 4 years ago
Hello! Please answer the question "What is CPA score?" First you need to understand what CPA is? Vietnam CPA certificate, also known as auditor certificate. CPA is the acronym for Certified Public Accountants. This means licensed certified public accountants. Understandably, accounting and auditing practitioners are recognized by international or domestic professional associations. What is CPA score? Candidates taking the accounting and auditing practice certificate exam must achieve a maximum of 5 points in the following subjects:
  • Tax and advanced tax management.
  • Economic Law and Enterprise Law.
  • Advanced financial accounting and management accounting.
  • Finance and advanced financial management
  • Advanced audit and assurance services
  • Advanced financial performance analysis
  • Foreign language level C of 01 of 05 common foreign languages: English, Russian, French, German, Chinese