How to write VAT invoices for gifts and internal consumption

According to Clause 9, Article 3, Circular 26/2015/TT-BTC dated February 27, 2015 of the Ministry of Finance: Instructions on how to write invoices for goods, gifts to customers - employees, internal consumption for businesses Declare VAT using the deduction method, specifically as follows:

1. Create an invoice for donated goods.

“b) Sellers must issue invoices when selling goods and services, including cases where goods and services are used for promotion, advertising, or sample goods; goods and services used to give, donate, donate, exchange, or pay instead of wages to workers (except for goods circulated internally, consumed internally to continue the production process).”

(According to Clause 7, Article 3, Circular 26/2015/TT-BTC)

“2.4. Use of invoices and documents for goods, promotional services, advertising, samples, gifts, and donations for organizations declaring and paying VAT using the deduction method:
– For goods and services used to give, donate, donate, exchange, or pay on behalf of employees, a VAT invoice (or sales invoice) must be issued, with all criteria and items written on the invoice. calculate VAT as invoices for selling goods and services to customers.”

(According to Clause 9, Article 3, Circular 26/2015/TT-BTC)


 – When exporting goods or services to give as gifts (customers, goods, employees, etc.), invoices must be issued as normal sales.

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– If the gift value is 200,000 VND or more, the Company must issue a separate invoice for each person and customer receiving it. In case the gift value is less than 200,000 VND, the Company can issue a single invoice with a list of employees and customers receiving the gifts at the end of the day.

2. VAT calculation price for donated goods:

According to Clause 3, Article 7 of Circular No. 219/2012/TT-BTC guiding on VAT:

“3. For products, goods, and services (including purchased from outside or produced by business establishments) used for exchange, gifts, donations, or payment on behalf of wages, it is VAT calculation price of goods and services of the same or equivalent type at the time these activities arise.”

Example of invoice recording: Co., Ltd Accounting - Auditing Services AACS Free 2 computers for customers:


                                                          Model number: 01GTKT3/001


Symbol: AA/14P

Contact 1: Save Number: 0000689

August 1, 2017

Sales unit: AACS Auditing and Accounting Services Company Limited
Tax code: ….
Address: ….

Phone: …….Account number: ………
Buyer's full name: …..
Unit name: …..
(If the customer does not receive the invoice, write: Customer does not receive the invoice)
Tax code:………
Address: …..
Payments:……………. .Account number: ………………………..
NoName of goods and servicesUnitQuantityUnit priceinto money
1Lenovo computersThe220.000.00040.000.000
  (Goods given as gifts without collection of money)   (write selling price) 
Total cost: 40,000,000
VAT rate:   10%  , VAT: 4,000,000
Total payment: 44,000,000
Amount in words: Forty-four million even.

Conclude: When purchasing and exporting goods as gifts, tax declaration is as normal as buying and selling goods.

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