What is procurement audit?

Bidding audit is a service provided by an Auditing Company with the function of auditing contracts. When your business needs a bidding audit for a project or work or needs a financial statement audit to bid for a certain project or service.

In the field of auditing, the field attaches great importance to service quality. If in a bid where contractors only "race" on price, it will bring a lot of risks, both for the investor/bidder as well as the winning bidder.

Businesses with large sales and a good reputation will have an easier time getting larger audit contracts. Many bidding packages are not subject to open bidding, most are designated contractors, or limited bidding such as bidding packages of projects using ODA capital of donors, or of corporations, corporations, or projects. projects with foreign investment and are usually for groups of auditing firms with foreign investment.

For large-scale bidding packages, corporations and corporations also do not want contractors to be small auditing companies because they think they are not strong enough. On the contrary, large-scale bidding packages often have a large amount of work, so small companies do not dare to undertake them because, assuming they win the bid, there will be no time left to do other jobs.

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However, when the bidding objects are expanded, Bidding competition, the bidding often becomes a very fierce competition, and foreign-invested auditing firms as well as large auditing firms offering deep discounts are not an exception.

The fact that contractors offer low prices is partly due to the investor/bidder. Some projects are small in scale, but the investor does not evaluate them properly, so they set "sky-high" bidding package prices, leading to a large difference between the bidding package price and the bid price.

Reality also shows that many small and medium auditing companies do not have good quality control training departments. They cooperate to jointly perform audit services with the goal of improving service quality, increasing revenue and reputation for each audit company and for independent audit activities.

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