What is the localization rate?

The localization rate is the ratio of using domestically produced raw materials and industrial parts compared to imported ones.

Businesses need to do it Report on finalization of localization rate to submit to the authorities or for your own needs.

In Vietnam, the localization rate is understood as the number of Vietnamese suppliers cooperating with FDI enterprises or the number of spare parts and components provided by domestic enterprises out of the total number of assembled spare parts and components.


The above understandings are not complete about localization. The localization rate is calculated by many different formulas, so giving a specific number will be very difficult. For example, domestic spare parts and components are not only spare parts and accessories supplied by domestic suppliers, but also include spare parts and components produced at the company's factory.

Businesses need to promote localization not simply by increasing the number of Vietnamese suppliers, but more importantly by improving the capacity and quality of suppliers, thereby reducing production costs and increasing capacity. compete

With Vietnam's economy increasingly developing, with a diversity of industries and business fields of businesses. The need for an audit to determine the localization rate is an extremely necessary issue for each business because it is related to tax obligations, to pay to the authorities or go to bidding...


AACS Auditing Company Limited is one of the companies that has been granted a certificate of eligibility to provide audit services and other related services by the Ministry of Finance. In which, we have been providing services related to determining the localization rate for domestic enterprises as well as FDI enterprises that need to determine the localization rate.

We, AACS Auditing Company provide services Audit Localization rate highly appreciated and trusted by many customers and partners.

Learning about localization rates and applying them to businesses is currently a widely and long-term trend in business, with the purpose of helping businesses protect production as well as improve capacity. compete.

AACS with a team of auditors and consulting experts with more than 10 years of experience in the field of auditing and consulting, along with a clear understanding of our customers' business fields, we believe that accurate audit services Our localization rate will meet your needs.

Localization rate auditing services

Services related to Localization rate audit for businesses include:

  1. The report confirms the localization rate in production;
  2. Consulting on conditions for calculating import tax according to the localization rate;
  3. Consulting on calculating import tax according to localization rate;
  4. Services related to determining other localization rates according to customer needs

In 2019 we provided more than 50 work-related businesses Audit report to determine localization rate and advise on issues related to localization rates.

AACS Auditing Company, with our reputation and experience, believes that we will meet the reporting requirements to determine the localization rate of your business.

If you are in need of an audit to determine the localization rate of your business, please contact us immediately for advice and answers to your questions.

For further details, please contact the audit services department to determine the enterprise localization rate

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