According to the provisions of the current tax administration law, companies and businesses must calculate, declare and pay personal income tax, corporate income tax, value added tax and be responsible for their own calculation. Be accurate and honest about your tax calculations and declarations.

Many businesses have violated the law due to not understanding or not knowing the provisions of tax laws or incorrectly understanding the provisions of current tax laws.

Therefore, when the tax authority conducts an inspection of the year-end tax settlement of the enterprise, it will discover that the tax declaration and settlement of the enterprise is inaccurate, and there is a difference between the enterprise and the tax, and will be fined. according to the provisions of tax administration law.

Common errors when businesses finalize taxes

Through the tax settlement services that AACS has performed for many businesses using tax settlement services, AACS realized that some of the most common errors are as follows:

  • The accounting book system is incomplete or does not comply with current tax administration laws
  • Invoices and documents are messy, lost, not reasonable, valid, or not properly recorded
  • Accounting data is inconsistent, there is no logic between economic operations as well as books and submitted tax reports and financial reports.
  • Unable to prove product costs, fluctuations in norms and incorrect construction of norms, inventory mismatch.
  • Unable to prove that the selling price is the market transaction price
  • Sales policies (trade discounts, marketing advertising, gift items...) do not comply with regulations 

Benefits when using tax finalization services

When your business uses AACS's tax finalization service, your business will receive AACS

  • Point out errors and remaining problems in the business's accounting system
  • Consulting and orienting how to correct errors and unreasonable regulations of the law
  • Re-establish the accounting book system in accordance with current accounting laws
  • Make corrections and corrections to tax finalization reports if there are any discrepancies
  • Representing the business to explain issues to the tax authorities to protect the legitimate interests of the business

Process of providing tax finalization services

AACS's process of providing year-end tax finalization services is as follows:

  1. Survey tax declaration records of businesses
  2. Identify risk areas and tax penalties
  3. Quote for year-end tax finalization service
  4. Discuss and advise on how to handle it
  5. Representing the company in settlement with tax authorities
  6. Issue the final tax audit report

In addition, AACS also provides tax-related services as follows:

  1. Tax compliance consulting and support services
  2. Review compliance with tax regulations
  3. Liaise with competent authorities, manage tax risks and resolve disputes
  4. VAT refund service
  5. Tax appraisal
  6. Payroll service
  7. Declaration service tax settlement Personal income for foreigners
  8. Tax payment and audit support services


Commitment to tax finalization services

When customers use AACS tax settlement services, they commit to:

  • Make detailed, clear and on-time financial reports according to the contract.
  • Be accountable to tax authorities and functional agencies.
  • Protect maximum benefits for the Company and Enterprise.
  • Support Companies and Enterprises after work Tax finalization service


AACS Tax finalization service fee will be reported after AACS Survey tax declaration records at the most preferential prices, so your company and business can develop with complete peace of mind without having to worry about any issues related to Finance and Accounting. , as well as Taxes.

During the process of providing tax finalization services as well as after tax finalization, AACS will always accompany and support accounting and tax for companies and businesses:

Please contact us today to receive expert advice and provide the most professional and perfect services!

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