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According to the provisions of the Accounting Law, right from the time of establishment, businesses must immediately appoint a chief accountant. In case there is no qualified person/condition to be a chief accountant, the competent authority must hire a chief accountant. However, individuals holding the role of chief accountant must meet the standards and regulations of accounting law. To meet the needs of many businesses, AACS provides Chief accountant hiring service to help businesses comply with regulations.

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Chief accountant hiring service

Chief accountant hiring service - Not just regulatory compliance

Actually, use Chief accountant hiring service At businesses, it is not simply a form to comply with regulations. Using chief accountants at companies can ensure the quality of that accountant's work. In general, the service of hiring a chief accountant will bring many benefits to businesses

Benefits of hiring a chief accountant service.

  • The presence of a chief accountant helps businesses comply with legal regulations
  • The chief accountant at the enterprise will be in charge, supervise and ensure the working quality of the accounting department at the company.
  • Besides, for small and medium-sized businesses, recruiting a chief accountant to work full-time at the company will cost the business a significant amount of money. Using the service of hiring a chief accountant will help reduce costs as well as maximize the use of human resources at the company.
  • In cases where a business lacks key tax accounting personnel in the company, chief accountant tax service is also a solution to help businesses fill personnel vacancies as well as maintain the work of the accounting department at the company. company
  • You will have an experienced employee in charge of controlling work and having full legal status, helping the business sign on newspapers or book documents.

The job of chief accountant

  • Every month, the chief accountant is responsible for checking the bookkeeping system, accounting methods and accounting data of the accounting department.
  • In addition to checking the books performed during the month, the Chief Accountant will control the accounting document system to avoid loss and provide timely solutions to avoid causing damage to the business.
  • Control and ensure the submission of monthly and quarterly VAT reports according to the tax obligations of the business
  • Control and complete the accounting book reporting system;
  • Control and advise on provisional corporate income tax declarations;
  • Controlling and consulting, making annual financial reports and year-end settlement;
  • Ensuring stability and continuity in financial management;
  • Consulting on adjusting accounting data according to the law and beneficial to the business;
  • Consulting and monitoring corporate financial and accounting systems;
  • Periodic management reports to the board of directors;
  • Summary of tax risks for activities arising during the enterprise's production and business process. At the same time, there are also consulting, support and troubleshooting options for business owners
  • Directly explain to tax authorities when finalizing corporate taxes within the scope of work performed by AACS;
  • In the name of the chief accountant, sign on accounting records under responsibility according to the provisions of law.

With the work that a chief accountant will perform for businesses, AACS believes that our chief accountant hiring service will bring satisfaction to businesses. And at the same time, it ensures the quality of books, work efficiency as well as relieves worries about taxes for businesses.



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