What is a full accounting service?

Full accounting service is a comprehensive activity related to the accounting and tax operations of a business, including all accounting and tax operations such as: accounting bookkeeping, financial reporting, tax reporting. , tax settlement, tax consulting. Comprehensive accounting services bring businesses maximum benefits with minimal costs.

AACS Auditing Company not only gives customers absolute assurance with a team of experienced personnel, with a deep understanding of accounting knowledge in many fields, with extensive relationships across the country. and a team of talented, enthusiastic and dynamic staff. We affirm that, coming to AACS, in addition to full accounting services, businesses also operate a professional and highly specialized apparatus. This is also the highlight and difference between the accounting services provided by AACS and other units.

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Full accounting service

AACS's full accounting service

Save costs of recruiting accounting staff.

Save money on purchasing accounting software.

Don't worry and take responsibility when there are accounting and tax errors.

Our team of accounting experts with very high expertise in accounting and tax will ensure reporting is carried out in accordance with legal regulations and optimize the amount of tax payable for businesses.

Benefits of using AACS' full accounting services

Get complete and comprehensive advice on tax and accounting issues

Receive tax advice to optimize the tax amount to be paid in accordance with the law

Always quote a complete price, commit according to contractual obligations

Take full responsibility for accounting and tax issues according to the signed contract.

No need to travel and feel secure doing business because the full accounting service takes full responsibility for your business records.

AACS's mission is to provide comprehensive accounting services

Consulting on using two types of RECEIVE and EXPENDITURE invoices appropriately.

Receive reasonable invoices and accounting documents on-site.

Prepare all documents such as: tax declaration; temporary CIT calculation sheet; tax report declaration; report on invoice usage status.

Search, classify and check the validity of original papers and documents; balance sheet.

Submit tax reports in accordance with tax authority regulations.

Complete documents, prepare and review accounting books, specifically: prepare accounting documents (import, export, revenue, expenditure); Prepare inventory books, receivables, payables and detailed cost calculation books; Prepare full payroll and forms related to labor contracts; ….

Finally, prepare year-end financial statements and finalize personal income and corporate income taxes.

Professional full-service accounting is one of the key services of AACS Auditing and Consulting Company.

Comprehensive accounting services provided by AACS help businesses minimize costs, feel secure about accounting and tax expertise, and focus on business development.

Why do businesses choose AACS accounting services?

Always update policy changes to business owners and stakeholders.

Minimize costs while providing better quality than hiring an outside accountant.

There is an ABSOLUTE guarantee on accounting and taxes for businesses.

Helps business owners feel secure to focus on production and business.

Stabilize accounting and tax personnel safely and permanently.

Make reports to state agencies always accurate and timely.

Has a lot of practical experience in accounting with many types of businesses.

On behalf of and representing businesses to work with state audit agencies.

In addition to quality package accounting services, we also provide: financial statement audit services, capital construction audits, tax agency services, investment consulting services, tax consulting services , transfer pricing service…

Subjects using professional accounting services

You are a business owner, the legal representative of the business but do not understand much about the accounting industry or financial accounting regulations, so how can you check and evaluate employees? Are your accountants and chief accountants, as well as the work and reports they do, in accordance with regulations?

For newly established businesses

Your business is a newly established company, does not have an accountant or chief accountant, and is in need of qualified, competent, and experienced accounting professionals to perform accounting operations, documents, and bookkeeping. accounting books, declarations, tax reports... as well as needing advice on accounting and relevant tax regulations.

For small and medium enterprises

Your company is a small and medium-sized enterprise and you do not need an accountant or chief accountant, but you want to have a well-functioning accounting system that properly and fully applies new legal documents and policies. That means you can be completely assured with the cheap, comprehensive accounting service provided by AACS. We are always willing to share and overcome business problems.

For active businesses

Maintaining a highly qualified and specialized accounting team is very difficult for businesses. We can meet this business requirement. For us, the satisfaction and success of our customers is our success and our brand.

Why choose AACS?

There is an immediate team of qualified chief accountants and accounting specialists with at least 10 years of experience in accounting for businesses.

Not only do we simply provide monthly full accounting services for businesses, the best full-service accounting companies also take legal responsibility within the scope of the work we have done for the business.

Always promptly update current legal regulations and accounting regimes, bringing practical benefits to businesses.

With all our dedication, professionalism and best service attitude, we have been a reputable service provider for hundreds of customers across the country.

Above is a detailed description of the full accounting service that the professional full accounting service is providing. If you still have questions about the service, please contact us with the following information:


Head office: 15 Street 23, Tan Quy Ward, District 7, City. Ho Chi Minh

Phone number: 028 66 500 381 – 0908 381 550

Email: info@aacs.com.vn



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