Currently, with the trend of international integration, more and more Vietnamese companies as well as foreign businesses are investing in Vietnam, leading to an increasing demand for import and export of goods and raw materials.

However, it also entails many risks related to taxes and non-compliance with current laws that can lead to increased tax costs, which can harm business operations; Therefore, building an effective and cost-effective tax compliance program related to customs and business processes plays an important role.

Currently, Vietnamese authorities have been taking many measures to expand the scope of application of commercial laws and strengthen enforcement of customs tax compliance activities in many areas, thus More and more businesses need it Customs Inspection consulting services, to minimize the risk of Customs inspection.


Disputes between businesses and Customs authorities over customs inspection are becoming increasingly fierce and AACS's team of customs experts is always ready to support businesses with disputes related to customs inspection. customs consultation, customs inspection, customs valuation and many other related issues.

If your business is looking for Consulting services on customs inspection, consulting on risk assessment, analysis, and commentary on issues related to customs inspection, our team of experts can help you overcome complex legal and procedural issues. activities of customs authorities.

Customs inspection consulting services At AACS Auditing Company, we include the following services:

Carry out explanations on behalf of the enterprise and overcome risks in case of any Customs inspection, tax inspection includes support in preparing explanatory documents and liaising with customs authorities on issues such as inspection, customs inspection, voluntary declaration, requesting implementation guidance documents, etc.

Develop programs and procedures to comply with legal regulations on customs duties;

Assess risks and review compliance with customs regulations, identify cost savings opportunities and assist in obtaining implementation guidance documents;

Consulting on determining the cost of imported goods, exported goods, after tax, before tax, determining profit and loss before you sign a foreign trade contract

Customs procedures for each type of import and export (business, investment, processing, production and export, temporary import for re-export, on-site import and export, etc.)

Consulting on product policies, applying HS codes, calculating customs duties, determining customs prices, customs inspection, price consultation, post-clearance inspection

Tax payment procedures, tax refund procedures, tax exemption procedures, tax non-collection procedures, tax adjustment procedures due to mistaken payment at road border customs, port customs, airport customs, industrial zone customs karma…etc


Some grounds for implementing customs inspection consulting services:

Pursuant to the Customs Law dated June 23, 2014;

Pursuant to the Law on Export Tax and Import Tax dated April 6, 2016;

Circular No. 38/2015/TT-BTC dated March 25, 2015 of the Minister of Finance regulating customs procedures; customs inspection and supervision; export tax, import tax and tax administration for exported and imported goods.

Circular No. 39/2018/TT-BTC dated April 20, 2018 of the Minister of Finance regulating customs procedures; customs inspection and supervision; export tax, import tax and tax administration for exported and imported goods.

If your business has any problems related to customs inspection, please immediately contact our AACS Auditing Company to receive advice and fastest handling from a team of experts on customs inspection services. .

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