Dear customers: Customers have needs that need to be provided financial statement auditing services.

AACS Company is a specialized supplier Auditing services throughout the South such as: Financial statement auditing services; Financial statement auditing services for tax pre-finalization purposes; Completed investment capital settlement audit service; operational audit services; operational audit services; compliance audit services; internal audit services; Audit services for items on financial statements; Bank loan financial statement auditing services; Auditing services for financial statements for bidding, other auditing services…….

Financial statement auditing service throughout the South of AACS Company is often provided to customers with foreign investment capital, limited liability companies, joint stock companies with state capital, companies that need bank loans, companies that need to audit reports. Financial statements for bidding.

Besides audited financial statements also serves specific tasks that only require checking a number of items on the financial statements depending on the customer's needs such as: Auditing accounts receivable, auditing accounts payable, auditing business results reports. business, equity audit, audit for profit distribution…….

Time is selected audited financial statements Usually at the end of the year or in the middle of the accounting year or depending on your financial statement audit needs. AACS Company always ensures that its audit services are the best for customers.

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AACS Company is considered by customers as one of the supplying companies Financial statement auditing servicesh leading reputation and professionalism in Vietnam. AACS's auditing services are guaranteed to be the best choice for your Company.

Here, AACS Company would like to share more with your company auditing services so that customers can understand more about auditing such as: What is auditing service? When should businesses hire an auditor? auditing services What benefits does AACS bring to your business?

What is auditing service?

Financial statement auditing service at an enterprise is the practice of checking and collecting audit evidence to confirm that the financial statements that the enterprise has published are presented reasonably and truthfully in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law.

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Which businesses should audit financial statements main annual ?

– Shareholders and board of directors want to check the company's financial situation.

– Enterprises on the list required to have annual audits according to the provisions of law such as FDI enterprises and enterprises with state capital.

– Enterprises when splitting, merging, consolidating or going bankrupt.

– The State encourages businesses to conduct annual audits.

To meet the increasing needs of businesses in need audited financial statements. AACS Company always sees its role and responsibility, so we always focus on training and updating knowledge about accounting, auditing as well as taxes and other business-related laws for our staff. department and staff to meet the strict requirements of your business, and at the same time must always build the most professional audit process.

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Supply process financial statement auditing services of AACS is performed as follows:

– Surveying customers' financial statement auditing needs

– Sign a contract to audit financial statements

– Prepare a plan to audit financial statements

– Agree on audit time and send an audit team to work at the company.

– Learn and evaluate the enterprise's internal control system before audit.

– Participate in inventorying items with the business such as cash, inventory, fixed assets or must use other alternative procedures.

– Send letters confirming receivable and payable debts...

– Audit items on financial statements

– Discuss with the board of directors and executive board about adjusting entries (if any)

– Draft audit reports to send to clients.

– Distributing audit reports

Benefits when your business uses it financial statement auditing services of AACS.

- Be provided auditing services with professionalism and high quality

– Must pay the appropriate audit fee for your business.

– Be advised on the accounting apparatus, documents, and internal control system.

– Get advice on taxes and related tax management laws

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– Get advice on other issues such as labor, insurance, salary, etc.

Commitment of AACS Company us when providing financial statement auditing services for your business.

– Ensure correct and complete content expressed in the supply contract financial statement auditing services.

– Ensure time and progress of financial statement audit

– Ensure full consultation on issues related to tax and business management

– Ensuring to help businesses improve the efficiency of financial and accounting work.

AACS Company with a team of auditors and auditors with many years of audit consulting for businesses, are well-trained and always updated with knowledge related to accounting, auditing and taxes……. Therefore, AACS Company guarantees to provide for your company financial statement auditing services fastest, most accurate, and most reputable

After the end audited financial statements According to the audit contract, AACS Company always accompanies your business to answer all questions and advise, update the latest legal regulations related to accounting, tax... Ensuring businesses operate safely in accordance with the provisions of law.

Please contact AACS Company immediately to receive information from us financial statement auditing services as well as quotes for auditing services.

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