Documents for determining market prices in associated transactions

Decree 20, effective from May 1, 2017, adds the obligation to prepare country-by-country profit reporting and global corporate information records (master file). In addition to the current requirement of preparing a national file (local file) and submitting an annual related transaction declaration.

In an effort to improve transparency and strengthen transfer price inspection and price determination records related transactions It needs to be convincing and consistent to increase the chance of success when handling questions in tax audits.
We regularly work with multinational corporations and domestic corporations in providing detailed guidance and advice on compliance with regulations on linked transaction prices and risk review to identify and Analyze priorities and develop policies and solutions for determining associated transaction prices. We also work with many multinational corporations and leading corporations in Vietnam to resolve complaints and controversial, complex, and specific issues regarding transfer pricing.

Benefits of AACS to customers

  • Meet documentation requirements and comply with regulations on affiliate transaction prices from annual affiliate transaction declaration dossiers to dossiers for determining associated transaction prices domestically, requirements for global corporate information records and cross-country profit reporting;
  • Evaluate internal gaps dossiers for determining associated transaction prices customer's current;
  • Review and evaluate customers' current transfer pricing records and make practical recommendations to help customers control risks and turn opportunities into reality;
  • Support in tax and transfer pricing inspections and controversial issues related to taxes; and
  • Develop a strategy to determine associated transaction prices consistent with the customer's operating model and business plan and suitable for the future.
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