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Up to now, there have been thousands of customers who are foreign-invested enterprises, domestic enterprises, representative offices of foreign enterprises, and project management boards using accounting and tax services. AACS consulting

When using accounting services of AACS, businesses do not need to have accountants at the business. AACS's accounting services will perform all accounting work on behalf of the business's accounting staff such as: Accounting, bookkeeping, tax reporting, tax declaration with tax authorities, tax preparation. Report tax settlement and prepare financial reports according to regulations.

AACS accounting service packages

You can refer to AACS's accounting service packages as follows:

NoThe work AACS will doAccounting service package


Accounting service packageBASIC Accounting service packagePROFESSIONAL
1Set up a tax reporting systemHaveHaveHave
2Declare annual license taxHaveHaveHave
3Declare VAT monthly/quarterlyHaveHaveHave
4Declare corporate income tax quarterly/yearlyAre notHaveHave
5Declare personal income tax monthly/quarterlyHaveHaveHave
6Declare annual personal income tax finalizationHaveHaveHave
7Declare annual corporate income tax finalizationAre notHaveHave
1Set up accounting systemsAre notHaveHave
2Review accounting documentsHaveHaveHave
3Classify, arrange and close accounting documentsHaveHaveHave
4Determining accounting operationsAre notHaveHave
5Accounting, bookkeepingAre notHaveHave
6Prepare accounting books and detailed accounting accountsAre notHaveHave
7Prepare general accounting reports: Asset summary table, Operating results report, cash flow, financial statement explanatory statement...Are notHaveHave
8Name and appoint accounting staffAre notHaveHave
9Name and appoint chief accountantAre notAre notHave
1Accounting consultingAre notAre notHave
2Consulting on invoices and documentsHaveHaveHave
3Tax ConsultingAre notAre notHave
4Work with tax authoritiesAre notHaveHave
5Work with auditing companiesAre notHaveHave
6Tax explanationAre notHaveHave
7Labor and social insurance consultingAre notAre notHave
1Receive documents from customersHaveHaveHave
2Submit reports to tax authoritiesHaveHaveHave

To ensure that accounting books, tax reports, and financial reports of businesses are accurate and in accordance with the law, information is updated promptly, and costs are reasonable, businesses should use AACS's full accounting services:

Accounting Service fees

Please contact AACS to receive a detailed quote on accounting service fees for each service package.

You need to provide the following information AACS:

– Your needs (Which accounting service package do you use)?

– What is the business line of your business?

– Scale of the enterprise, reflecting:



Number of employees?

Number of documents generated per month?


Why should you choose AACS accounting services?


AACS is a supplier company accounting services Leading professional in Vietnam. AACS Providing a full range of accounting services and chief accountant services in accordance with the provisions of law

AACS is one of the businesses that fully meets the conditions according to current regulations to provide tax agency services.


– AACS was founded by experts who are masters of economics (MBA), auditors (CPA), practicing accountants, consultants and tax procedure service practitioners with a lot of experience and practical knowledge. in the fields of accounting, auditing, tax services, tax consulting, investment consulting, and financial consulting.


- In AACS Our accounting service activities are carried out according to a strict, scientific process, always inspected and controlled. All records and reports of accounting services must be checked and controlled by the Auditor/Practice Accountant in charge before being sent to customers. Ensure accounting services provided to customers are accurate and in accordance with legal regulations.

– Personnel performing accounting services AACS are highly qualified people with a lot of experience and practical knowledge in the field of accounting and tax reporting. You can get experts with master's degrees (MBA) and auditors (CPA) to give you accounting and tax advice.

- Use accounting services  belong to AACS, You can be completely assured about the quality accounting services, professional service from the accounting service staff. Staff of AACS knowledgeable and steadfast in accounting expertise, enthusiastic and dedicated to serving customers.

– Up to now, thousands of businesses in all fields and industries are using our accounting services AACS. Customers use our accounting services AACS are domestic enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, project management boards, and representative offices of foreign enterprises.


Benefits of using AACS accounting services


– Quality of accounting work when using our accounting services AACS always guaranteed the best, in accordance with the provisions of accounting law, tax law, and regulations on invoices and documents.

- When using accounting services belong to AACS, personnel of AACS will advise and answer customers on issues related to tax regulations, accounting, invoices and documents whenever you need advice.

– Accounting services of AACS will provide you with accurate, timely, and quick accounting reports and tax reports monthly, quarterly, annually or at any time when you request.

- Expense accounting services when using our accounting services AACS is always many times lower than hiring or recruiting qualified accountants to do the job.

– Use accounting services of AACS then the personnel responsible for performing the accounting work of your business will always be stable, customers will no longer be concerned about fluctuations in accounting staff, the accounting service activities of the business will have a success. leading professional accounting service company.

– Implementation staff accounting services belong to AACS Always fully and promptly updated with legal regulations on accounting and current tax laws to promptly advise customers to bring the best benefits to customers.

– Accounting service activities of AACS Follow a strict and scientific process, always supervised, always have someone to control and re-check the work in all cases to ensure the best quality of accounting services, in accordance with regulations.

Use accounting services belong to AACS is the most optimal choice for businesses today. Ensuring businesses will save costs, ensure accounting activities are carried out in accordance with the law and the quality of accounting services is always guaranteed to be the best.


To receive more information about Accounting services, accounting service fees of AACS

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(Mr Manh: 0908 381 550 – manhnd@aacs.com.vn)

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