What is VAT refund?

VAT refund is the state budget returning to a business establishment purchasing goods or services the amount of input tax paid when purchasing goods or services that the business establishment has not yet deducted during the tax period or for the goods. , services in case of consumption by that organization are not subject to tax.

According to current legal regulations, in some cases, businesses are entitled to VAT refunds.


To carry out VAT refund procedures, you must prepare documents, prepare information according to regulations, draft forms according to regulations, prepare documents and accounting books.

To comply with the regulations when carrying out VAT refund procedures, you must clearly understand the provisions of the VAT law, master the provisions of the tax administration law, accounting documents and accounting properly.

Procedure VAT refund very complicated, you will have to spend a lot of time, effort, and expense on a tax refund dossier. If you do not clearly understand the provisions of tax laws and do not have experience in VAT refund, the VAT refund may take a long time.

To save time and costs and perform VAT refund quickly, hundreds of businesses have used AACS's VAT refund service. 


When you use AACS's VAT refund service, you will be consulted and guide customers to prepare the necessary information according to regulations. AACS's VAT refund service carries out all procedures and completes the books. accounting books, prepare tax refund documents, submit tax refund documents to tax authorities, explain tax refund documents according to regulations.

AACS will carry out all procedures related to tax refund work such as checking tax refund documents, completing accounting books, preparing tax refund documents, preparing tax refund applications, submitting tax refund documents. to tax authorities on behalf of customers.

AACS was founded and operated by the Auditing CPA, accountant, consultant with extensive experience and practical knowledge in the field of tax procedures, tax declaration, tax refund, tax finalization, accounting services, financial reporting, Tax services, tax consulting.

Come to VAT refund service of AACS Company, you can be completely assured about the quality of VAT refund services and the professional service of the staff providing VAT refund services. The staff of AACS VAT Refund Service is knowledgeable and strong in tax expertise, enthusiastic and dedicated to serving customers.


1. When performing AACS's VAT refund service, AACS Company will;

  • Consulting on issues related to VAT refund;
  • Prepare documents and information related to VAT refund;
  • Collect information and documents related to VAT refund;
  • Complete accounting books, invoices and tax refund applications;
  • Drafting documents and forms for VAT refund applications;
  • Submit application for tax refund to tax authority;
  • Monitor tax refund progress and resolve arising issues.

2. Customer's work when performing VAT refund services

  • Providing documents, invoices, accounting books, tax reports, payment documents, contracts...
  • Sign the tax refund application and submit the tax refund application to the agency

VAT refund service


AACS Auditing Company Limited determines the price for tax refund services based on the complexity and actual effectiveness of the completed work.

1-VAT refund service fee

  • VAT refund service fee: From 0.5% to 10% amount requested for refund.
  • Minimum VAT refund service fee is 15,000,000 VND/tax refund file

2-Progress for payment of VAT refund service fees

  • Stage 1: Advance 30% service fee, immediately upon signing the contract to ensure contract performance.
  • Stage 2: Pay 40% contract value immediately upon submitting documents to the tax authority.
  • Stage 3: Pay the remaining service fee (30%) after having a working record with the tax authority on tax refund.

The above service fee does not include 10% VAT

To better understand VAT refund services and receive a quote for VAT refund service fees.

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