Dear customers: Customers need service tax audit

AACS company we specialize in providing tax audit services for businesses with domestic and foreign investment capital, serving different needs for businesses in need of audit services for tax purposes for businesses.

Tax audit is a special type of audit that not only purely checks, evaluates, and confirms the reliability of information about tax payable, tax amount paid, amount still payable, evaluates and confirms compliance with the law. Tax law.

The purpose of the business needs tax audit services

+ Know whether your business complies with tax regulations or not

+ I don't know how much tax I will be fined when there is a tax audit or settlement

+ The company changes accounting continuously, the accounting system is loose, accounting books do not ensure accuracy

+ Accountants lack updated information and misunderstand leading to errors and negligence when finalizing taxes and being fined by tax authorities.”

Tax audit work for auditors

Auditor Must have necessary understanding of the audit unit's internal control system, and evaluation is needed to determine the reliability of the internal control system, thereby appropriately determining the scope and content of the audit unit. Tax audit content, time required for basic surveys, collection and evaluation of audit evidence as well as basic analysis for audits.

Tax audit It is also necessary to check, evaluate and confirm the reliability of financial information about the amount of tax payable, the amount paid and the amount remaining to be paid; Reliability of information on outstanding tax amounts, deferred income tax amounts, and refundable VAT amounts

Tax audit It is necessary to strictly follow the audit process, paying special attention to work in the audit preparation stage. Auditors need to collect enough information about the business, evaluate the information generally to detect weaknesses that need to be researched in depth.

Tax audit It is necessary to fully identify risks, first of all potential risks and control risks. Potential tax risks are often hidden in each operation and each tax-related item.

Tax audit It is necessary to evaluate legal compliance in all aspects of tax such as registration, declaration, tax payment, tax refund and tax administration.

Collecting and reviewing vouchers and accounting documents is necessary, but methods of observing, comparing, analyzing and determining the organic relationships of economic operations are needed.

Conclusion of tax audit

In addition to opinions confirming the reliability of the information, it is necessary to have very specific opinions on the amount of tax remaining to be paid, the amount of tax to be refunded, and how to handle outstanding tax debts in case the enterprise is in a difficult situation. difficult situation or business loss.

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Benefits when businesses use tax audit services of AACS Company

 + Advise clients on tax implications of proposed contracts or financial decisions

+ Helps businesses evaluate compliance with tax laws and determine tax obligations, thereby providing solutions to minimize the risk of tax arrears and tax penalties.

+ Evaluate the situation of compliance with tax obligations

+ Review tax declarations prepared by businesses/individuals

+ Tax risk management

+ Tax review and compliance filing

+ Provide opinions on tax effects of accounting treatments

+ Act as the main consultant for tax issues for businesses

+ Representing customers in working with tax authorities

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