What is an accounting book review service?

Accounting book review service Necessary for business? Let's AACS Auditing Company Learn more about this service. We are a reputable unit specializing in corporate legal services, accounting - finance, tax... Review accounting books is a job that helps inventory and systematize all documents related to accounting to ensure that businesses do not have any errors in recording and checking business data. .

Why is it necessary to review accounting books for businesses?

The enterprise's bookkeeping system needs to be completed and complete in specific cases such as use for tax settlement. However, reality shows that most businesses' books are often quite messy, without enough documents and invoices, incorrect accounting, some accounting operations have errors, and financial reports Reasonability is not guaranteed, accounting data may not be consistent between years...

There are many reasons leading to this situation, possibly due to shortcomings in managing and monitoring accounting books of business owners; Due to lack of experience in accounting staff or a change in personnel, the methods of new and old employees are not the same... This can easily lead to conflicts in statistical data for settlements. Therefore, reviewing accounting books is a very important issue and if you do not have time or the staff does not have much experience, you can use services from accounting companies.

How to record and maintain accounting records according to the 2015 accounting law

What tasks will the accounting book review service perform?

Accounting book review service will ensure the following specific issues:

  • Review and re-evaluate the current status of the business's accounting system
  • Re-examine documents and accounting books of the enterprise over the years
  • Compare original documents with the value-added tax declaration each month to correct any errors
  • Handle tax-related errors
  • Resolve some situations such as invalid documents or lost documents
  • Helps businesses adjust the optimal level of reasonableness on reports
  • Allocation - adjust accounting according to regulations
  • Set up and print the accounting book system
  • Prepare annual financial reports for businesses

With this service, businesses can be completely assured that the entire accounting book system will be checked and completed in accordance with current regulations. Ensure there are no errors and other violations.

AACS Auditing Company Limited Providing accounting book review services

So that your business no longer has to worry about accounting issues, AACS  currently available accounting book review services, Committed to helping customers check and summarize all documents and data in the most careful and accurate way. The reason we can confidently make such a commitment to our customers is because AACS currently owns a staff of accounting experts with more than 10 years of experience in the profession.

Besides, we also regularly proactively update the latest regulations from the Tax Authority and flexibly make adjustments in our work, so businesses will definitely always be satisfied with the service.

Contact us immediately for more dedicated advice and guidance.

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