Business audit services

What is a business audit service?

Business audit services is a service that AACS Auditing Company Limited provides to businesses subject to mandatory audits according to the provisions of law or according to the needs and purposes of each business. Often businesses use their financial statement auditing services for purposes such as serving tax authorities, auditing bank loans, and auditing bidding for projects and works according to state regulations. have financial statements that have been audited by an independent auditing company such as AACS Auditing Company.

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On the market today there are many companies that say to provide corporate auditing services But in reality, in Vietnam, there are only about 200 businesses licensed by the Ministry of Finance to be qualified to provide financial statement audit services for businesses, including AACS Auditing Company Limited.

AACS Auditing Company Limited provides financial statement auditing services for Vietnamese-invested enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises (FDI), consulting on reviewing accounting books, consulting and Providing VAT refund services and consulting on preparing transfer pricing reports for businesses in the city. Ho Chi Minh, businesses in Dong Nai, businesses in Binh Duong and businesses in Long An and other businesses nationwide.

Up to now, there are nearly one million enterprises nationwide, however, the number of new FDI enterprises is about 30,000 enterprises. These businesses mainly focus on centrally run provinces and cities and some provinces with many advantages in infrastructure and investment such as Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Hung Yen, Binh Duong and Dong Nai. With this number of FDI enterprises, it is necessary to have independent auditing companies with sufficient capacity and experience to be able to provide and review all enterprise risks. Since then, there has been the development of a number of types of consulting services to support the investment process of these FDI enterprises to provide business establishment services, financial statement auditing services, and other services. accounting, tax consulting services and especially transfer pricing consulting services provided by Auditing Companies to FDI enterprises.

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Demand about corporate auditing services is increasing and the business investment environment of businesses is also developing, which is good news for investors. Along with that, information openness and transparency are of more concern than ever. State management agencies, businesses, investors as well as authorities have high expectations for auditing companies, especially regarding the reliability of information on businesses' financial reports. Karma.

Providing financial statement auditing services is also to keep up with the constantly developing trend of the economy and the difficulties in ensuring honesty and reasonableness in financial reports. Since then, AACS Auditing Company's audit services are providing audit services to support businesses in improving the quality of audit reports and complying with laws on accounting, auditing, and taxes in Vietnam.

Business audit services

AACS Auditing Company's independent audit services for businesses include:


The first step is to survey the business for audit services: operating environment, accounting policies and mature business activities of the enterprise;


Initial assessment of the internal control system through: Preliminary analysis of financial statements, understanding the internal control system and assessing fraud risks of the audited enterprise;


Quote for financial statement auditing services for businesses


Plan to provide audit services for businesses

Carry out the audit process

Witness the inventory of cash, inventory, fixed assets, etc. send letters confirming key items, check and compare, and perform audit procedures according to Vietnamese auditing standards;

Summarize, conclude, request adjustments and issue audit reports to businesses

Discuss with customers about limitations and shortcomings. especially issues related to internal control, improving the efficiency of customers' production and business activities, providing audit opinions and issuing audit reports;

Financial statement auditing service according to IFRS

converting financial statements according to IFRS (international financial reporting standards);

Survey on audit service quality

is carried out annually to continuously improve the capacity of the auditor team. 

AACS Auditing Company providing audit services to businesses will have the following benefits;

Financial statement audit service fees are reasonable and suitable for each business

Financial statement audit service fees are guaranteed to be reasonable depending on the size, industry, production and business characteristics of the enterprise;

Review tax risks

promptly detect and correct errors in financial reports and tax reports;

Evaluate the internal control system

AACS audit services provide solutions to support effective internal control operations;

Quality – Prestige – Trust

Quality of audit services of AACS Auditing Company: Your business can feel completely secure when providing externally audited financial reports for reliability and credibility with investors, customers and authorities.

AACS Auditing Company, we always focus on improving service quality, company image and reputation to provide businesses with Financial statement auditing services and other Other consulting services are effective, accurate and comply with the law, in accordance with Vietnamese law.

If your business needs to use audit services, please immediately contact AACS Auditing Company with the following information for advice, support, and more information —> Audit service quote.

AACS Auditing Company Limited would like to thank you for your interest auditing services of our Company.

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