Using the Salary Calculation Service helps businesses want to save costs and improve efficiency in paying salaries and implementing welfare regimes. AACS will replace payroll for businesses to help businesses have more time to focus on their main functions.

With the complex legal system and administrative procedure system in Vietnam, especially for the labor environment, most businesses are facing many difficulties in this issue, so using Using outsourced payroll management services BRINGS MANY BENEFITS TO BUSINESSES.

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AACS's payroll service, with a team of experts in the payroll industry and a team of professionally trained specialists along with a modern payroll and human resources management software system, will help customers manage their payroll. EFFECTIVE and SECURE salary management.

AACS Provides payroll process for businesses with the following tasks:

– Manage human resource data, monitor labor contract signing, and control types of leave.

– Timekeeping, Prepare monthly salary calculation sheet (time salary, product salary, piece salary)

– Prepare salary expense reports according to customer management requirements

– Send salary slips to employees and answer questions about salaries and other related issues

– Personal Income tax reporting/finalization, personal income tax code registration for employees, dependent registration

– Carry out procedures for reporting insurance increases/decreases, closing books, making health insurance cards, and preparing documents to resolve insurance benefits for employees.

– Monitor and pay mandatory insurance premiums to insurance agencies

– Make periodic labor reports for state agencies

– Making work permits and other related issues for foreign employees and Directors

Customers who use our Salary Management service receive free legal advice from experts related to wage labor, compulsory insurance, and personal income tax.

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Benefits when using AACS payroll services

  • Reduced Costs: Large businesses can afford to manage large-scale payroll systems, however for small businesses, internal payroll payments will be a problem. If your business is small or medium sized, there will be an opportunity for you to save money by outsourcing payroll management services. Let's do the math, how many hours a day do your employees perform salary-related tasks, how much space do you have in the office to accommodate them, and importantly, how much does it cost? office equipment that you have to equip that employee, and calculate how much you will have to pay and compare it with the amount of money you spend when outsourcing services. Also, make sure that the amount of money your business spends on printing, cashing checks, creating tax documents... You may be surprised by that.
  • Increase Labor Productivity: Payroll management is a time-consuming activity. By eliminating this burden, your employees can focus on their core work, and you can even reduce the size of your business.
  • Increase Accuracy: Mistakes in payroll calculations can have consequences, affecting the Company's reputation. We use modern software operated by professionally trained C&B specialists to avoid errors. Furthermore, if the service provider makes a mistake, the business can still claim financial compensation from the provider, something that the business cannot do with its employees.
  • Fast speed: Because payroll service providers are experts with technical resources, they can handle even the most complex cases at the fastest speed. Unlike most businesses, they can also accommodate a large seasonal workforce without requiring a new system while maintaining operations during the rest of the year.
  • Liability: If salary payments are delayed or paperwork is mishandled, it is the service provider's responsibility to handle it. If the service provider can't (or won't) fix the situation to your satisfaction, you can sue them. You can even choose another supplier immediately, even if you are still under contract with the old supplier. If you fire, hire and train a team of employees specializing in your salary, it will take at least a few weeks or more.
  • High security: Vin HR's modern technology and software platform, along with professional operating procedures, can detect and warn customers about fraud in salary calculation, ensuring financial security. salary for customers.
  • No More Worries: It can be affirmed that using outsourced payroll services will help managers and business owners feel more secure. No headaches, no hassles and total time to focus on making your business profitable.


Accurate and timely salary calculation service, complying with labor laws



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