What is Auditing Service?

Auditing services are services provided by an auditing service company that has been licensed to operate in the field of auditing.

By the beginning of 2019, the country had only nearly 200 auditing units licensed to operate in the field of financial statement auditing and other auditing services. AACS Auditing Company Limited is one of the companies that has been licensed and qualified to operate auditing activities by the Ministry of Finance.

Currently, we provide AACS Auditing Company auditing services and consulting as well as other services such as VAT refund consulting, tax settlement services, related transaction reporting services, transfer pricing... are performed nationwide, especially auditing services. in provinces and centrally run cities where AACS Auditing Company has branches and representative offices, such as audit services in Dong Nai, Audit Services in Binh Duong, Audit Services in City. HCM, Auditing services in Hanoi, Auditing services in Bac Ninh,……..

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First, AACS would like to introduce to your business about auditing and related regulations auditing services so that your business can grasp basic information about audit activities.

What is independent audit

Independent audit is the practice of practicing auditors, auditing firms, branches of foreign auditing firms in Vietnam inspecting and giving their independent opinions on financial statements and other audit work under the audit contract. maths.

Purpose of independent audit

Independent audit activities aim to contribute to the publicity and transparency of economic and financial information of the audited units and other businesses and organizations; make the investment environment healthy; practice thrift, combat waste, prevent and combat corruption; detect and prevent violations of the law; Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of economic and financial management and administration of the State and business activities of enterprises.

The value of the audit report after being audited 

1. Audit reports on financial statements evaluate the honesty and reasonableness of financial statements, in accordance with accounting standards and accounting regimes issued by competent agencies and organizations.

2. The compliance audit report evaluates the compliance with laws, rules and regulations in the management and use of money, assets and other resources of the audited unit.

3. The operational audit report evaluates the economy, effectiveness and efficiency in the management and use of money, assets and other resources of the audited unit.

4. Audit reports are used to:

a) Shareholders, investors, parties participating in joint ventures, associates, customers and other organizations and individuals with direct interests or related to the audited unit handle relationships of interests and obligations of relevant parties;

b) State agencies manage and operate according to assigned functions and tasks;

c) The audited unit detects, handles and promptly prevents errors and weaknesses in the unit's operations.

Audit Services
Audit Services

Regulations on Compulsory Auditing

1. Compulsory audit is an audit of the annual financial statements, completed project settlement reports and other financial information of the audited unit according to the provisions of the Audit Law and other regulations of relevant laws.

2. Contracts to audit annual financial statements of enterprises and organizations required to audit financial statements must be concluded no later than thirty days before the end of the annual accounting period.

3. Enterprises and organizations are required to be audited when submitting financial reports to competent state agencies and when making public financial statements, there must be an attached audit report; In cases where a state agency receives a financial statement from an enterprise or organization that is required to be audited without an attached audit report, it is responsible for notifying the competent state agency for handling according to the law. provisions of law.

Subjects required to be audited

1. Enterprises and organizations whose annual financial statements are required by law to be audited by auditing firms or branches of foreign auditing firms in Vietnam include:

a) Enterprises with foreign investment capital;

b) Credit institutions established and operating under the Law on Credit Institutions;

c) Financial institutions, insurance businesses, insurance brokerage businesses.

d) Public companies, issuing organizations and securities trading organizations.

2. Enterprises and organizations must be audited by auditing firms and branches of foreign auditing firms in Vietnam, including:

a) State-owned enterprises, except state-owned enterprises operating in the field of state secrets as prescribed by law, must have their annual financial statements audited;

b) Enterprises and organizations implementing important national projects and group A projects using state capital, except for projects in the field of state secrets that must be audited according to the provisions of law. Completed project settlement report;

c) Enterprises and organizations with State capital contribution and other projects using state capital prescribed by the Government must have their annual financial statements or completed project settlement reports audited;

d) Auditing firms and branches of foreign auditing firms in Vietnam must be audited for annual financial statements.

3. The audit of financial statements and finalization reports of completed projects for enterprises and organizations specified in Points a, b and c, Clause 2 of this Article does not replace the audit by the State Auditor. water.

4. Enterprises and other organizations voluntarily be audited.

Auditing services of AACS Auditing Company

a) The auditing services, including financial statement audit services, operational audit services, compliance audit services, completed project settlement report audit services, financial statement audits for tax and public purposes. other audits;

b) Services to review financial statements, financial information and other assurance services.

c) Economic, financial and tax consulting;

d) Consulting on management, transformation and restructuring of businesses;

e) Consulting on the application of information technology in the management of businesses and organizations;

f) Accounting services according to the provisions of law on accounting;

g) Asset valuation and business risk assessment;

h) Services to foster financial, accounting and auditing knowledge;

i) Other related services in finance, accounting and tax according to the provisions of law.

AACS audit service provision process

a) Quotation for auditing services, Sign audit contracts and make audit plans;

b) Perform audit services;

c) Finish audit services, prepare audit reports and advise on post-audit handling.

Why should you choose the auditing services of AACS Auditing Company?

Auditing services at Di An
AACS Auditing Company

a) Clear legality: AACS's auditing services have been licensed by the Ministry of Finance to qualify to operate in the field of auditing.

b) AACS Auditing Company was founded by auditors with more than 10 years of experience and has provided and consulted auditing services for over 1,000 enterprises with domestic investment capital as well as foreign investment capital (FDI). active in many different industries and fields.

c) Evaluate the internal control system and prevent risks: through AACS's auditing services, we will advise and support your unit in perfecting the internal control system.

d) Review and prevent tax-related risks: through audit, AACS will detect and advise your unit on issues related to accounting and tax.

e) Audit service costs: ensure audit fees are appropriate to the scale, industry, and production and business characteristics.

c) AACS ensures the quality of audit services when you provide financial statements to third parties, such as investors, banks, state agencies, etc.

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