Auditing services in Binh Dinh

Provided by AACS Auditing Company Auditing service in Binh Dinh for state-owned enterprises, FDI enterprises and many other private enterprises in Binh Dinh. AACS is committed to providing your units with quality audit services, affordable audit service fees and schedules suitable to the needs of each unit.

Auditing services in Binh Dinh provided by AACS Auditing Services Company, suitable for many units and businesses. Because Auditing services in Binh Dinh Designed specifically and suitable for each business and different organizations.

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Introducing audit services in Binh Dinh of AACS

Auditing service company AACS is one of the pioneers, famous for providing products auditing services for large, medium and small businesses and organizations.

Auditing services in Binh Dinh of AACS is built and developed firmly based on reputation and customer satisfaction.

In addition, AACS also owns a team of auditors who are well-equipped in terms of expertise, professionalism, dynamic and dedicated to the profession. That is the foundation for AACS to bring the most professional service today.

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In order to bring the best services to customers, we always try our best to help customers solve difficult business problems.

The Company's team of managers and employees always try their best to provide businesses with appropriate solutions and solve difficult problems. In addition, AACS also continuously trains and improves professional skills so that the team has professional qualifications.

Audit services in Binh Dinh that AACS provides

Auditing service company in Binh Dinh – AACS has many service packages to suit the needs of businesses

– Auditing financial reports

– Internal financial audit in Binh Dinh

– Auditing settlement reports in the field of construction works

– Auditing revenue and expenditure costs and business operations.

– Audited financial statements for tax purposes

Benefits of using audit services in Binh Dinh of AACS

- Audit Helps optimize costs for businesses in Vietnam Pacify

Not only does it help businesses save costs Auditing services in Binh Dinh You can still use the best services from AACS, helping businesses develop more sustainably. AACS is committed to supporting businesses and bringing the best benefits to businesses. With prices clearly and detailedly specified, auditing operations are performed accurately and quickly.

– Audit in Binh Dinh Always apply the latest laws

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AACS always tries to constantly train, improve professional qualifications as well as update employees audit in Binh Dinh the latest knowledge, ensuring controllers have the most professional skills and knowledge. The company's employees receive regular training to improve their professional qualifications.

Businesses in Binh Dinh when using auditing services AACS's staff can be completely assured by their professional staff to meet maximum customer requirements.

– Auditing services in Binh Dinh Dedicated and thoughtful consulting and customer care

By taking trust and customer satisfaction as the guideline and pride for the development of our company. That's why AACS's internal audit service focuses on processing steps quickly, effectively and with the most care, ensuring all documents are most accurately authenticated.

In addition, our company also commits to take full responsibility for security and implementation audit in Binh Dinh before the legal regulations of state agencies.

Process of implementing audit services in Binh Dinh of AACS 

Step 1: Unit audit in Binh Dinh will receive the needs, discuss the basics and start planning

Step 2: Receive digital data from accounting and check the accuracy of the numbers through documents and invoices.

Step 3: Directly participate in the audit process at the business unit to ensure accuracy and reliability.


Step 4: Compare and contrast actual results with data to evaluate and analyze

Step 5: Perform an audit, if errors are detected, they will be reported to the business and together they will discuss and come up with a reasonable solution. AACS always strives to solve difficulties for businesses and advise on reasonable solutions.

Step 6: Check and unify the data so that they match each other, thereby helping businesses complete the report before it is publicly announced.


Reasons to choose audit services in Binh Dinh of AACS

AACS commits to honesty in work, professionalism in handling books and documents, and meeting the needs of customers in accordance with the terms of the contract of both parties.

Ensuring high reliability and accuracy Auditing services in Binh Dinh.

Our team of consultants is ready to enthusiastically and comprehensively advise customers on their questions.

In addition, customers can get answers to problems encountered during the audit process and legal regulations, and identify risks that need to be avoided.

Please contact immediately Auditing services in Binh Dinh of AACS for detailed audit and consulting service quotes. AACS is always ready to support your business and unit.


Phone: 028 66 500 381 – Mobi: 0908 381 550 (Mr Manh) – Mobi: 0908 688 550 (Ms Phuong)


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