Introducing audit services in Hoa Binh of AACS

Auditing services in Hoa Binh  AACS always aims for service quality and reputation with customers to build long-term relationships. Auditing services in Hoa Binh of AACS is proud to affirm that our audit services are always directly led by a team of experienced auditors with deep expertise, bringing the best values to businesses here. .

Audit stocksWhy hire auditing services in Hoa Binh?

– Submit Audit report for state agencies.

- Public financial report.

– Publicity and financial transparency among investors.

– Bank statements

Bidding report

Tax finalization

– Verify finances to settle abroad and invest abroad.

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Audit services of Audit Services in Hoa Binh include:

Financial statement auditing service Statutory.

Bidding audit service.

Internal audit service.

Auditing services for tax settlement purposes.

Construction project settlement auditing service.

Subjects using financial statement auditing services according to law

– Enterprises with foreign investment in Hoa Binh

– Credit institutions established and operating under the Law on credit institutions, including foreign bank branches in Vietnam.

– Financial institutions, banks, microfinance institutions, people's credit funds...

– Insurance enterprises, reinsurance enterprises, insurance brokerage enterprises, branches of foreign non-life insurance enterprises.

– Enterprises and organizations in which state-owned corporations and corporations hold voting rights from 20%.

– Public companies, issuing organizations and securities trading organizations.

– Listed enterprises and securities issuers holding 20% or more of voting rights.

– State-owned enterprises, except state-owned enterprises operating in fields that are state secrets according to regulations.

The audit implementation process at Hoa Binh includes:

– Check and review the accounting records and accounting books of the company in Hoa Binh

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– Check and review financial reports.

– Analyze the company's capital fluctuations during the period.

– Send confirmation letters for bank, investment, receivable and payable accounts.

– Observe the performance of the company's main fixed assets and check the reflection of those assets at the balance sheet date.

– Evaluate the correctness of the company's internal control system in managing cash, inventory, and fixed assets to confirm the existence, ownership, and value of cash and fixed assets and inventory at the end of the fiscal year.

– Evaluate the company's internal control system for financial leasing contracts.

– Perform other audit procedures or alternative procedures necessary in each specific case.

– Issue audit reports.

– Issue a management letter (if necessary) addressing limited issues in the accounting system and internal control system and providing accountants' suggestions to improve this system.

MG 13941Advantages of being provided by Hoa Binh Auditing Services with financial statement auditing services

– Experienced key staff.

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– More than 10 years of auditing experience.

– Quick and accurate consultation.

– Support from leading industry experts.

– Reasonable financial statement audit service fees.

– Free consultation on finance, accounting and taxes.

Please contact immediately Auditing services in Hoa Binh of AACS for detailed audit and consulting service quotes. AACS is always ready to support your business and unit.


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