Financial audit is a special inspection activity to verify the truthfulness and reasonableness of documents, accounting data, and financial reports of organizations, agencies, units, and businesses, ensuring compliance with regulations. current standards and regulations.

Implementation conditions

Auditing work is performed by specialized agencies including experts with appropriate professional qualifications recognized by law or by independent auditing companies. Depending on the type of audit, auditing is carried out by administrative orders or economic and civil agreements.


  • According to the organizational model and legal expression, there are state audits, independent audits, and internal audits.
  • According to audit objects, there are financial statement audits, operational audits, and compliance audits.


Independent audit

This term refers to private auditing firms. When businesses need an audit, they will have to spend money to hire an auditor. The cost of hiring an auditor is not small. Companies do not suddenly spend money to hire auditors to check their company. For some companies, auditing is mandatory. Auditing companies operate under the Enterprise Law and are responsible before the law for their audit results.


Internal audit

Internal audit is the audit department within the company, checking the accuracy and transparency of accounting activities within the company. Internal Audit works under the Board of Directors.

State audit

State Audit is an auditing unit that inspects the transparency and correctness of accounting activities in state-owned enterprises or state-owned enterprises.

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