Da Nang auditing service belong to AACS Specially designed for each customer, suitable for the scale and type of business of each enterprise.

Audit Services ours ensure confidentiality, professional ethics, flexibility to satisfy customers.

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Financial statement auditing service
 is a service that businesses are interested in according to specific goals:

  • Audit to submit reports to authorities according to legal regulations.
  • Audit to identify tax and financial risks.
  • Auditing to prepare bidding reports and prepare bidding documents.
  • Audit to submit reports to the parent company in Da Nang.
  • Audit to submit reports to the bank.

Through performing audit services for businesses in Da Nang, we realize that Financial statements audited by AACS  will always have high value for businesses, helping businesses increase benefits, limit risks, and achieve desired goals.

Accounting service

Auditing services of AACS Guaranteed to help businesses solve problems that businesses care about.

Currently, with widely distributed staff, we provide audit services in Da Nang.

Financial statement auditing service of AACS will help you :

  • Audit financial statements, thereby determining accurate tax settlement.
  • Control operating costs.
  • Periodic Internal Audit service for your company.
  • Business valuation services when buying, selling and merging businesses.
  • Services to review compliance with current laws.

Reasons why you should choose our financial statement auditing service AACS :

  • We help you determine your exact needs and advise on appropriate services.
  • Our team of experts AACS have many years of experience.
  • Guaranteed to help customers solve their tasks smoothly.
  • Guaranteed lowest fees for customers in Da Nang.
  • See website aacs.com.vn  or hotline 0908.381.550

Customers need to use it auditing services in Da Nang or need advice and answers to questions, you can contact us

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