Nhon Trach is a district located in the southwest of Dong Nai province, Vietnam. Currently, Nhon Trach District has established many industrial parks approved by the Government, including:

Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Park: 449 hectares

Nhon Trach 2 Industrial Park - D2D: 347 hectares

Nhon Trach 2 Industrial Park - Loc Khang: 70 hectares

Nhon Trach 2 Industrial Park - Nhon Phu: 183 hectares

Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Park: 697 hectares

Nhon Trach 5 Industrial Park: 309 hectares

Nhon Trach 6 Industrial Park: 327 hectares

Nhon Trach Textile and Garment Industrial Park: 184 hectares

Phu Thanh - Vinh Thanh industrial cluster

Nhon Trach Ong Keo Industrial Park: 856 hectares.

From Ho Chi Minh City, you can go to Nhon Trach by Highway 51 or from the center of Ho Chi Minh City through the Saigon River Tunnel and then to Cat Lai port or from Cat Lai intersection (Mai Chi Tho Avenue) following Dong Van Cong (District 2), take Cat Lai ferry across Dong Nai - Nha Be river to reach Nhon Trach district. In addition, the Ho Chi Minh City - Nhon Trach - Dau Giay expressway has been completed, this is also a convenient route to Nhon Trach. Using the bus, you can also take bus number 603 from Mien Dong bus station to Nhon Trach Industrial Park.

Cat Lai Port is an important large port located at the end of the Dong Nai River section adjacent to Nha Be River and Saigon River. The port is also where the Naval Command Region 2 (Region B) is currently headquartered. This is the river area about which the ancients had a saying:

Nha Be's water flow is divided into two

Anyone who returns to Gia Dinh or Dong Nai will return.

During the war, Cat Lai port was where the US army and navy used it as a station to receive weapons and ammunition and from here they transferred it to military bases in Long Binh and Bien Hoa. American supply ships and patrols from Vung Tau to Nha Be and Cat Lai were often ambushed and attacked by Vietnamese guerrillas, especially in the area near Rung Sac, Can Gio.

Cat Lai on this side of the river in Ho Chi Minh City has developed with infrastructure and many residents, but the other side of the river is still overgrown with trees and sparsely populated because there is currently no bridge connecting to the city. Ho Chi Minh City. The new city of Nhon Trach is currently being planned, currently neighborhoods, roads and industrial parks have been built. Land prices here are currently very high because it is expected that the population will increase through planning projects, and the industrial park is operating and will expand further, plus the location is close to Ho Chi Minh City when the Thu Thiem Bridge is located. complete. Thu Thiem Bridge and tunnel connecting District 2 with District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City have been completed.


Nhon TrachNhon Trach has a favorable geographical location at the center of the City triangle. Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai, Ba Ria - Vung Tau are being planned as class II urban areas. However, the urbanization process is taking place quite slowly. Although the vital bridge connecting Nhon Trach and District 9 (Ho Chi Minh City) has been surveyed for a long time, it has not yet been implemented due to lack of funding and lack of attention and action from the local government. two ends of the bridge. According to some unofficial sources, Tin Nghia Group (Dong Nai) will start construction of a bridge connecting District 9. Currently, the Ben Luc - Nhon Trach expressway (with intersection in Nhon Trach) is under construction and is expected to be completed. Expected to open to traffic in 2020

Auditing service company in Trang Bom - AACS provides state-owned enterprises, FDI enterprises and many other private enterprises in Trang Bom. AACS is committed to providing you with an audit service. Quality, reasonable audit service fees and schedule consistent with the needs of each unit.

Auditing services in Nhon Trach provided by AACS Auditing Services Company are suitable for many units and businesses. Because audit services in Nhon Trach are designed separately and suitable for each business and different organizations.

Introduction to audit services in Nhon Trach Provided by AACS

AACS audit services in Nhon Trach 2020 have a boom due to economic development and expanded business services. Therefore, AACS Auditing Company is the top choice for auditing services in Nhon Trach. Because AACS can be said to be one of the leading units providing auditing services, helping businesses solve human resource problems and provide perfect economic solutions for you.

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AACS Company's audit process is specifically as follows:

- Survey: – Survey: AACS will conduct the first survey directly at the enterprise. Based on actual survey data and documents to get a basis for agreeing on a contract, making a detailed working plan with the board of directors and the human resources department of the enterprise.

- Perform: AACS will work directly with the business according to the plan outlined at the survey and implement it according to the content of the approved audit service contract in Hai Duong.

– Research and evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of the enterprise's internal control system, in addition to learning about the accounting, tax, financial systems, etc.

– Contribute to witness the inventory of cash, assets, and inventory at the time of the audit report and compare with the terms on the corresponding financial statements.

– Review, advise and provide answers on factors affecting tax liability, discuss with personnel in charge of issues discovered during work, and advise on appropriate options. physical.

– Submit a summary of issues discovered during the audit and a draft audit report.

– Agree on accounting data and issue an official audit report for the business

When using AACS's auditing services in Nhon Trach, customers can be completely assured about the meticulousness, care and accuracy, and at the same time build absolute trust in their services.

Benefits of using audit services in Nhon Trach of AACS

Auditing services at Dai An will help businesses gain many benefits. Auditing is an activity that helps businesses become more transparent. At the same time, the opportunity for many other units and potential partners to know and cooperate is high when the business financial situation is stable and creates trust for customers and investors.

Auditing services in Nhon Trach ensure high reliability, accuracy and speed. Units right in the Nhon Trach area will be quickly sought out by AACS for detailed and specific discussions.

Auditing helps increase the reliability of corporate financial reports.

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During the audit process, the discovery of errors will help businesses improve themselves and provide positive feedback in implementing more professional business operations.

Helps businesses understand the specific situation of their business and see risks in business.

Auditing services in Chan Thanh district

Audit service packages provided by AACS in Nhon Trach

Auditing service company in Nhon Trach - AACS has many service packages suitable to the needs of businesses

–Financial Report Audit, Internal Report Audit;

– Review accounting books, tax finalization, tax refund consulting;

– Consulting on related party transaction documents, corporate financial consulting.

–Audit settlement reports in the field of construction works;

Reasons to choose auditing services in Nhon Trach of AACS

Detailed planning helps businesses monitor and understand.

Audit Services helps financial reports be more accurate and honest.

Ensuring quality and the ability to sensitively resolve problems when detecting errors.

Make sure to return reports on time and in accordance with legal regulations.

Our audit services have been provided for many years across the country and have received a lot of trust from customers because of their reputation and quality..

Auditing services ensure fairness, openness and transparency, following strict procedures to help businesses increase reliability.

Please contact immediately Auditing services at Nhon Trach  of AACS for detailed audit and consulting service quotes. AACS is always ready to support your business and unit.



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