Apartment cost audit service

Apartment cost audit service is a support service for investors, to ensure public transparency and compliance with legal regulations on the apartment management process, revenue and expense management reports. Is it honest and reasonable?

Apartment audit

What is an apartment audit?

Apartment audit aims to check and verify the integrity of the apartment's financial statements regarding revenues and expenditures during the management process. From there, providing the most accurate information about the financial situation of income and expenditure in apartment management for apartment residents to determine conformity with established standards and compliance with legal regulations. the law.

The role of auditor reports the income and expenditure situation of the apartment complex

The apartment management board manages human resources, customer management, technical system maintenance, security and protection management, cleaning service management... in accordance with the provisions of law.

Update new legal regulations on general audit for management boards and investors.

Verify the legality and honesty of the apartment's financial reports.

Honestly evaluate the reasonable level of revenues and expenditures in the apartment financial report.

Advise managers and apartment investors on errors and corrective measures to ensure the legality of financial reports and help the management process operate more effectively.


Apartment audit

Subjects must audit apartment reportsEnterprises and units using foreign investment capital operating in the field of construction investment or apartment management.

Enterprises and units with the state holding > 20% voting rights operating in the field of construction investment or apartment management.

State-owned enterprises (excluding enterprises that operate secretly under state regulations) operate in the field of construction investment or apartment management.

Benefits of auditing apartment costs

To provide maximum support for risk management and provide recommendations to improve the operational efficiency of the Board of Directors as well as business owners.

The income and expenditure report of the Apartment Management Board after audit is evaluated for honesty and reasonableness in accordance with accounting standards.

Comply with legal regulations on apartment maintenance funds; Regulations on financial revenues and expenditures of the apartment building management board; Regulations on collection of apartment management fees; Regulations on apartment building management…

Evaluation of compliance, operations, effectiveness and efficiency in management and use of the unit's resources.

Timely prevent, detect and handle backlogs and errors during apartment operations.


AACS's apartment audit service includes:

Check the accounting of apartment management fees

Auditing the apartment maintenance fund

Issue audit reports

Support businesses with consulting on all issues related to internal management, accounting and taxes.

Process of implementing apartment audit services

  1. Prepare an apartment audit plan
  2. Carry out apartment audits according to Vietnamese Audit standards
  3. Issuing the Apartment Audit Report

5 Reasons to choose AACS's apartment audit service

  1. Professional Reputation
  2. Conscientious
  3. Effective
  4. Affordability
  5. Hurry up

The auditing industry is a unique profession with requirements for accuracy, transparency, and independent work. Therefore, finding a unit providing audit services in general and apartment audit in particular needs to ensure sufficient performance capacity and be licensed to operate.

AACS's apartment audit service is a reputable and quality service that has received high appreciation from customers who have used the service.

A team of highly qualified and experienced auditors carry out the audit process to quickly discover and find the best solutions, thereby consulting and handling problems to help customers minimize risks.


The closed working process ensures confidentiality and compliance with state laws.

The apartment management board is provided with audit services at a reasonable and moderate cost.

Fully implement the terms of the contract and issue the audit report on time as requested by the customer.

Apartment audit report
Apartment Audit Report

Commitment to the quality of AACS's apartment audit services

Commitment to professionalism in auditing and proper implementation of audit procedures according to auditing standards to maximally protect the interests of customers.

Be proactive in updating and providing the latest regulations to ensure that the Board of Directors always complies with the law.

Commit to being responsible for the work AACS has performed in the Apartment Audit.

Commit to always supporting and consulting the Apartment Management Board before and after the audit ends.

Commitment to protecting customer information according to the provisions of law.

Contact information about apartment cost audit:

Tel: 028 66 500 381 – Mobi: 0908 381 550 (Mr Manh)

Email: manhnd@aacs.com.vn

AACS Auditing Company Limited

Head office: No. 15, Street 23, Tan Quy Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

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