Independent audit is an indispensable activity in a developed market economy with the role of bringing reliability to financial information, serving as a basis for parties to conduct economic transactions.

There are many definitions of Auditing, but the currently widely accepted definition is:

“Auditing is the process of gathering and evaluating evidence about examined information to determine and report on the degree of conformity of that information with established standards. The audit process must be performed by qualified and independent auditors.”

So what is the financial statement audit service in Hanoi?

AACS Auditing Company always affirms that the quality of financial statement audit services is top-notch and constantly improves both the quality and quantity of customer service in terms of audit services in Hanoi as well as throughout the country. country.

We commit to responsibility, taking the necessary time to understand the customer's business situation and respond to the agreed schedule.

What is the Financial Statement Auditing Service in Hanoi?

Financial statement auditing service is the activity of independent and competent auditors to collect and evaluate audit evidence on audited financial statements to check and report on the level of truthfulness, accuracy, reasonableness of audited financial statements with established standards and norms.


A financial statement audit is the practice of a practicing auditor or an auditing enterprise providing opinions on the truthfulness and reasonableness of key aspects of the audited entity's financial statements according to regulations. of Vietnam's accounting and auditing standards as well as other provisions of law.

AACS Auditing Company's financial statement auditing services always aim at service quality and reputation with customers to build long-term relationships. We are proud to affirm that our audit services are always directly led by a team of experienced auditors with deep professional qualifications.

AACS Company not only provides financial statement auditing services, but also focuses heavily on consulting and support services to bring the highest benefits to businesses.

The services of auditing firms in Hanoi

Financial statement auditing service in Hanoi

Financial statement auditing services for bank loans

Bidding audit service

Internal audit service

Auditing services for tax settlement purposes

Construction project settlement auditing service

Objects of use financial statement auditing services Statutory.

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Enterprises with foreign investment in Hanoi;

Credit institutions established and operating under the Law on Credit Institutions, including foreign bank branches in Vietnam;

Financial institutions, banks, microfinance institutions, people's credit funds...

Insurance enterprises, reinsurance enterprises, insurance brokerage enterprises, branches of foreign non-life insurance enterprises;

Enterprises and organizations in which state-owned corporations and corporations hold from 20% voting rights;

Public companies, issuing organizations and securities trading organizations;

Listed enterprises and securities issuers holding 20% or more of voting rights.

State-owned enterprises, except state-owned enterprises operating in fields that are state secrets according to regulations;

Advantages when provided by AACS Auditing Company Financial statement auditing service in Hanoi

– Experienced key staff;

– More than 10 years of auditing experience;

– Quick and accurate consultation;

– Support from leading industry experts;

– Reasonable financial statement audit service fees.

– Free consultation on finance, accounting and taxes.

Your unit has needs Quote for financial statement auditing services In Hanoi, please contact AACS Auditing Company immediately via the information below for the fastest consultation and quote.

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