14 Most useful experiences for tax accountants

Are you new to tax accounting and are you very worried? Do you want to gain more experience to do well in your current job and advance in the future? So the following experiences will hopefully help you!
1. Every month you need to do the following tasks:
– Arrange sales invoices by sales order number and also by date order. Purchase invoices are arranged in date order. You should take a piece of paper and clip it clearly stating the sales invoice month... year...
– If you work for multiple companies at the same time, you should clearly state the sales invoice month.. year... Company name.

2. When accounting on accounting software

You must be able to distinguish between goods, raw materials, fixed assets, and tools because the goods of one company may be the tools or assets of another company and vice versa. .

3. When accounting for output invoices

You need to classify what is revenue from selling goods, what is revenue from services or what is revenue from selling finished products to put into the corresponding account; Revenue from selling goods uses account 5111, revenue from selling finished products uses account 5112; Revenue from service provision: Account 5113.

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4. When declaring taxes, pay attention to special declaration cases such as:

When you have import tax payment documents, you can declare them in the month of payment. And information about invoice symbol, invoice number, invoice date is based on the payment slip to declare. Foreign exporters do not have a tax code.

5. Need to know how to store invoices and tax payment slips

You should print a few more copies. If the tax authority asks you to bring payment documents for verification, you should bring photocopies to avoid losing documents that cannot prove that the company has paid money to the State Budget.

6. Every month you should be careful in declaring.

You should recheck target 25 on the HTKK because if you accidentally delete this target, you will lose the deductible VAT amount.


7. Every month you should do accounting in accounting software and then export data to HTKK Compare the amount of tax deducted or payable for each month. Is it the same between HTKK and accounting software?
If it's wrong, you're accounting for taxes incorrectly or declaring incorrectly. Correct it correctly before submitting the declaration. Especially at the end of the financial year. (before preparing the December tax return)

8. Pay attention to the salary part above target 334 must match the personal income tax finalization, which means that the total salary payable to staff and employees compared to the total salary of each individual on the personal income tax finalization at the end of the year are matching figures.
9. When preparing a balance sheet, arising numbers

Need to know how to properly balance costs such as salary costs compared to revenue, reception costs compared to total costs, other costs...

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10. Balance the issues

For example, the inventory on the details must be the same as the total without deviation. One problem with inventory that you often get wrong is sending goods out for sale before the import date without handling them when accounting, leading to incorrect end-of-period inventory reports. The value is still there but the quantity is gone. falsifying financial reports.

11. Similarly, you need to handle issues about tools and tools compared to the tool allocation table.

12. You need to handle fixed asset issues compared to the fixed asset depreciation table.

13. Experience in tax finalization:

Before preparing financial statements, you need to prepare them tax settlement CIT in advance to compare the difference in corporate income tax at the end of the year compared to previous quarters. From there, create an entry to handle the CIT difference, transfer it back to prepare the financial statements.

14. Every month you should know how to balance all issues on the report

Report taxes, expenses, profits... then at the end of the year you will not have to struggle in preparing financial statements.

Above are some good experiences for tax accountants. I hope you do well in your tax declaration!

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