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As a unit with more than 10 years of experience in the field, AACS is proud to bring customers reputable, quality, and cost-effective services. auditing services reasonable. With the goal of becoming a leading unit in the field of supply auditing services, AACS has been trusted by customers and chosen to accompany them throughout their journeys.

AACS builds its goals and develops strongly based on a core team of dedicated and enthusiastic leaders. In addition, with a large, quality, specialized, professional, dynamic and dedicated team of auditors, we help AACS auditing company confidently affirm the quality of its services in Hai Phong in particular and in the market in general.

Z1993178624661 03caa8c7727174cbd968526dc568c914Why should you hire an auditing service in Hai Phong??

Submit audit reports to state agencies.

Publicize financial reports.

Financial openness and transparency among investors.

Bank statements

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Bidding report

Tax finalization

Verify finances to settle abroad and invest abroad.

Type servicesMathematics in Hai Phong that AACS provides

Auditing service company in Hai Phong – AACS has many service packages to suit the needs of businesses

– Internal financial audit in Hai Phong

– Auditing financial reports

– Auditing revenue and expenditure costs and business operations.

– Audited financial statements for tax purposes

– Auditing settlement reports in the field of construction works

Subjects using financial statement auditing services according to law

Enterprises with foreign investment capital.

Credit institutions are established and operate under the Law on Credit Institutions, including foreign bank branches in Vietnam.

Financial institutions, banks, microfinance institutions, people's credit funds...

Insurance enterprises, reinsurance enterprises, insurance brokerage enterprises, branches of foreign non-life insurance enterprises.

Enterprises and organizations in which state-owned corporations and corporations hold from 20% voting rights.

Public companies, issuing organizations and securities trading organizations.

Listed enterprises and securities issuers holding 20% or more of voting rights.

State-owned enterprises, except state-owned enterprises operating in fields that are state secrets according to regulations.


Content of Auditing Services in Hai Phong

Check and review the company's accounting records and books.

Check and review financial reports.

Analyze the company's capital fluctuations during the period.

Send confirmation letters for bank, investment, receivable and payable accounts.

Observe the company's main fixed assets and check the reflection of those assets at the balance sheet date.

Evaluate the correctness of the system internal control of the company in managing cash, inventory, and fixed assets to confirm the existence, ownership, and value of cash, fixed assets, and inventory at the end of the fiscal year.

Evaluate the company's internal control system for financial leasing contracts.

Perform other or alternative audit procedures as necessary on a case-by-case basis.

Released Audit report.

Issue a management letter (if necessary) addressing limitations in the accounting system and internal control system and providing the accountant's suggestions to improve this system.

Auditing services in Da Lat

Auditing services in Hai Phong

Advantages of being provided with financial statement audit services by Auditing Services in Hai Phong

Auditing services in Hai Phong Helps businesses save maximum costs

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– Price list Auditing services in Hai Phong of AACS is built very closely based on the number of actual documents through direct surveys at businesses. That's why the cost auditing services that customers must pay that best suits the reality of their business.

– AACS's team of auditors perform operations quickly and accurately, ensuring progress and time according to the signed contract.

- Selection of Auditing services in Hai Phong of AACS is to bring convenience, optimization, and savings in both cost and time to your business.

Auditing services in Hai Phong Always update the latest laws

All activities and operations audit in Hai Phong of AACS are strictly implemented in accordance with the provisions of law. In addition, the team of auditors has strong professional capacity and expertise, ensuring accuracy in planning.

Please contact immediately Auditing services in Hai Phong of AACS for service fee quotes and detailed advice. AACS is always ready to support your business and unit.


Phone: 028 66 500 381 – Mobi: 0908 381 550 (Mr Manh) – Mobi: 0908 688 550 (Ms Phuong)


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