What jobs does a chief accountant need to do?

In accounting work, the job of the chief accountant is extremely important and also faces many difficulties and obstacles. You must clearly understand the nature of the job, the tasks and tasks that need to be done to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Executive duties:

  • Chief Accountant/Accounting Officer is the leader of the department, responsible to the company (agency, organization, unit) for all activities of the department under his/her responsibility.
  • Responsible for general management, supervision (control) of all activities related to the field of finance and accounting. The chief accountant must grasp the entire financial situation of the company to advise the director on making decisions about the company's policies and financial plans.
  • Organize management and administration work, perform work related to professional fields, authority, functions, tasks and responsibilities.
  • Organize financial and accounting work and human resources according to innovation requirements in accordance with the Company's development policies and strategies in each period.
  • Regularly inspect, control and supervise the entire work of the Department to promptly resolve problems and difficulties, ensure the highest efficiency in performing the tasks of the Department and each member, comment and evaluate. Evaluate job performance results and working capacity of each employee.
  • The Chief Accountant is responsible for chairing regular, regular and unscheduled meetings to discuss and resolve issues related to the work of the department and each member. Participate in Agency briefings, thematic meetings related to the Department's tasks or need coordination and inspection of accounting training for employees.
  • Regularly report the Department's operations to the Company Director, receive, disseminate and promptly implement the Director's directives.
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Professional duties:

Financial work:

  •  The Chief Accountant directly organizes and supervises the capital budgeting process. Capital of important investment projects is spent on production, business and marketing development plans...
  •  Directly supervise and monitor funded capital sources, manage the company's cash account, and relationships with banks, credit institutions and other financial institutions, to ensure the company's fulfill its obligations to investors or stock holders of the company.
  • The chief accountant is the person who researches and builds an information collection system, a system of reports and charts; Determine analytical methods and criteria... to periodically analyze and evaluate the Company's financial activities.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the company's capital management and use and propose measures to improve the efficiency of capital management and use.
  • Analyze in detail each cost item of the Company, thereby proposing effective cost reduction measures
  • Check and analyze the implementation of the developed financial plan.
  • Perform other tasks assigned by the Director.

Accounting work :

  • The Chief Accountant is responsible for organizing accounting and statistics in accordance with the Company's operating situation according to the requirements of each period, in accordance with the Company's general development policies and strategies.
  • Organize to improve and perfect the accounting regime and statistical accounting apparatus according to a unified form, ensuring accurate, truthful, timely and complete recording and calculation of data throughout the entire process. business operations throughout the Company.
  • Organize and direct the inventory and accurate assessment of fixed assets, tools, cash, finished products, and goods, from inventory results, evaluate the use and management of capital as well as development. Timely detect cases that violate financial and accounting management principles or cause loss, damage or damage, and propose appropriate handling and management measures.
  • Organize inspection and control of the Company's economic contracts to best protect the Company's interests.
  • Organize assessment and analysis of financial and business activities of the entire company. Through data, improve the efficiency of capital use, remove business difficulties due to inappropriate financial regulations to promote business development.
  • Organize planning, check reports, and evaluate the implementation of cost plans for the company and its dependent units on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Organize the work of analyzing cost implementation, proposing reasonable saving measures based on the results of analysis and evaluation.
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Other tasks:

  • Inspect, control, and supervise compliance with regulations, rules, and policies related to financial and accounting work prescribed by the company, in order to prevent and promptly handle cases of wrongdoing.
  • Continuously improve knowledge and professional management skills, closely research the operations of departments to improve and perfect accounting work throughout the company, promptly responding to the Company's innovation and development.
  • Perform other tasks and duties directly assigned by the Director.
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