Accounting book review service

Accounting book review service Provide solutions by completing and adjusting documents and books. In addition to accounting book review services AACS Also provides the auditing services, accounting services, tax consulting services.

Accounting book review service is important work for all businesses. Doing this job is to ensure accuracy, consistency and legality in the unit's finances. Businesses can hire accounting book review services from a professional and reputable company to increase productivity and efficiency. Helps you optimize costs and increase new business and investment opportunities.

Why accounting book review services are all necessary for businesses?

Accounting book review service of AACS analyzes for businesses the causes of gaps in implementation accounting services at the unit as follows:

– Reason 1: The accounting department's personnel is unstable and changes, so the handover is sometimes incomplete.

– Reason 2: There are many fluctuations due to tax settlement time sometimes up to 4-5 years.


– Reason 3: Encountered due to continuous changes in State regulations.

– Reason 4: Because accounting department employees have not mastered all working skills, leading to shortcomings.

These reasons lead to difficulties for businesses in implementation Report audit service with inspection teams or the settlement process, specifically:

– The system of books, papers, and invoices is messy and uncontrolled, leading to the situation of not being able to find or, more seriously, losing papers and invoices.

– There are no similarities in data systems and bookkeeping documents, causing output and input data to not match, causing a lack of transparency and affecting inspection results. In such a case, the business may be fined or taxed.

– Incorrect accounting, lack of consistency between years in the system and data

– Financial reports are not logical and reasonable

Accounting work at each unit must be done every year accounting book review services to organize documents and records. This creates the most favorable conditions for the process of storing as well as searching for financial reporting and settlement. At the same time, it serves the inspection and examination process of state tax agencies.

Accounting book review service

Benefits when you hire a reputable accounting book review service

Mastering the process of reviewing accounting books is also a factor in identifying and recovering vulnerabilities more effectively. Accounting book review service The process of reviewing accounting books includes the following steps:

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– Accounting for the purpose of checking and reconciling all accounting data in the unit including:

+ Check the list of books according to regulations

+ Check that the data sent to the tax authority is the data of the financial report and tax settlement corporate income

+ Check the accounting procedures to find errors based on accounting regulations

+ Check the consistency between detailed data and general accounting data.

– Check data to serve the unit's tax finalization work

+ Value added tax: check declaration procedures, compare declaration data with invoices, input tax to output tax and deduction conditions.

+ Personal income tax: fully check information and compare data on temporary declaration documents, labor records and final settlement documents

+ Corporate income tax: check data and validity of revenue and expenses (sales capital, loans, management, sales and other revenues and expenditures)

– Prepare a report on the results of reviewing the current situation, risks to be encountered and find solutions.

In case the business is not able to implement the above issue, we can completely rest assured accounting book review services provided by specialized units.

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Benefits of using AACS's accounting book review service:

Full review of accounting books in the required years with clear and detailed results.

– Based on the review results, we will provide solutions by completing and adjusting documents, books and records in accordance with state regulations from time to time.

– Choose the optimal solution and advise businesses to minimize errors to the lowest level.

– Minimize the amount of tax payable in accordance with state regulations.

– AACS stands to protect the interests and explain tax settlement of businesses before tax authorities.

Use accounting book review services belong to AACS Auditing Company Limited is the simplest option that businesses can choose to save maximum effort and costs but improve efficiency to the highest level to protect the interests of the unit. Businesses in need please contact us to receive accurate quotes for the services they need and the most timely advice.


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